Elder Tribunal: Heroic Baleroc 10

Last week after some unsuccessful attempts on H:Baleroc we’ve change things up a little and this week we beat his toes into the ground with rocks and pointed sticks. [That’s what he gets for being so tall that we can’t reach anything else.]

Congrats Team:Sinwell and to the following:

  • Pyrocore on your Gauntlets of Fiery Conqueror!
  • Psymon on your Avool’s Incendiary Shanker! (offspec)
  • Grinamdord on your Necromantic Focus!
  • Drysta on your Crystallized Firestone!

This kill brings ET to 3/7 H.

Also of note is that the other rosters are Myzt Moore 7/7N and Mastoj 6/7N. Great job all!