Elder Tribunal: Ragnaros 10 and Loot System Change

Yes I’m being Lazy.

Statreos wrote: “After a second week of looking at Ragnaros, Elder Tribunal has defeated the firelord! Congratulations to Beastmaster, Grinamdord and Statreos on their phat loot, and congratulations to all on a job well done. Unfortunately, they were so eager to get their gear enchanted, only a few of us remained for a screenshot in the firelord’s vacant chamber!”

Congrats ET on finally hitting [7/7]! Next week we start on Heroic!

As a side note we have adopted EPGP as our loot system. (We actually started using it a while ago and tracking in a spreadsheet, but have since moved it into the Officer Notes and are now using the mod.


Realms: Feast of Blackwood II

This year Feast of Blackwood is at the end of October and at a new site. This is a fantastic new site! It has cabin space for more people then we expect, and we’re hopefully going to wrap up the current Blackwood story arch this weekend as well. Below is a copy of the event description, you can see the full description at http://www.realmsnet.net.
Hope to see you all there!

Feast of Blackwood II
The Final Chapter of the Planar Shield?
October 28, 2011 – October 30, 2011

Event starts at 7:00 PM, on Friday October 28, 2011.
Event ends at 4:00 PM, on Sunday October 30, 2011.
Site opens at 5:00 PM Friday and closes at 5:00 PM Sunday.

Place: Camp Chenoa – Antrim, NH.
Cost: $35.
Paypal Price: $35.00 per person.
Pre-registration: (Suggested).

Jonathan Fontaine
Jana Greene
Jamison Bancroft

Other Contact Person(s):
Neil S. Tozier
Ben Greene

Event Description:

For many years, Blackwood has been well known for the Planar Shield
Stone and the Protection and Problems which is presents. The Shield
has begun to be a more major hindrance in the past few years and has
started to block trade, travel, and communication in and out of

Prince Sir K is issuing a request to the adventurers of the realms to
come and finally deal with this problem. All those who can assemble
should meet at the Blackwood Keep on October 28th and be prepared to
go through Blackwood to find and fix the Planar Shield Stone problem.

Once the problem of the Shield stone has been addressed, a Feast of
Celebration is planned for Sunday.

Rules Changes/Notes:

Call the Soul is going to work differently at this event.

Blackwood rules will be in effect (further information to come).
Blackwood Regionals will be in effect.

Knightly Gauntlets will be in effect.

Some spells may work differently.
Any Boons or In-House items must be pre-regged for them to work.
There will be some special calls at this event (further information
to come)

FREEZE – If you hear this called out it is Similar to a ‘HOLD’ being
called. Directions or Explanations of why the Freeze was called will
follow from staff. Please quietly remain where you are and follow any
directions given during this time. Freeze can only be ended by Staff.
You can feel free to look around and listen anything you see or hear
can be considered in-character knowledge.

Other Notes:

If you have any food allergies or restrictions, please include them
in your Pre-Registration so that the staff can be prepared. If you
don’t tell us about an allergy, we cannot guarantee that we will have
food you can eat.

The site is a Dry site for the purposes of Alcohol.

There will be cabins on site for EVERYONE. They are only three season
cabins though, so please pack accordingly and bring warm clothes as it
may be a little chilly.

Spells or Research pre-event may be directed to
Magnus.Heavyhammer@gmail.com; this does not guarantee that all spells
or research will be answered.

Directions to Camp Chenoa:
4 Brimstone Corner Road
Antrim, NH

More specific directions to come.

4 Brimstone Corner Road
Antrim, NH 03440