OSTicket 1.6: Report Page v2.0 is out

One of the things that has long been lacking in OSTicket (1.6ST) is the ability to do some basic reporting. This was so lacking that it even prompted me to write some of my own custom page and reports. I have to admit though, Scottro over at sudobash.net out did me for an integrated and aesthetically pleasing solution.

You can get his reporting mod at:

This is a fantastic mod and I recommend it. First off let me say that the installation of this mod was easy enough that I feel a first day OST newbie that is not familiar with PHP but is minorly familiar with HTML should have no problem installing it. Secondly the charts look fantastic when they work (see browser tests below). While the authors implementation integrates well with the OST architecture, I will be adding it as a tab also. I will also be sending some ideas to the author or modding his code to implement some of my own custom reporting that others may find useful.

I have tested this on the following browsers:
Firefix 4.0.1 works as expected.
Opera 11.11 works as expected.
Internet Explorer does not display graphs.
Chrome 12.0.742.100 works as expected.

I have emailed the author to let him know these results. I suspect that either IE is mishandling the google graph drawing routines, or the google graph drawing routines have a bug. Either way I hope that an IE ‘fix’ will be forth coming because it still has a large market share.

Kudos to Scottro for this wonderful contribution!