New Car 2010

So since my last car died on the highway doing 75 mph on the way to Casa De Dolph I have been saving for a new car. I’ve been watching the Car Auction, and checking some dealerships for something that I like and can afford. A while back The Garbos family went on vacation to Florida and I got to drive their cars for a week. I found that I really liked the way that Sir Aeryck’s car drove, but didn’t like the street noise that it made (which I think is due to him badly needing a front end alignment).

Sunday I went out to where I got my last car (95 Chrysler LHS) back in 1996, and inquired about used Dodge Calibers. They didn’t have any used ones so I test drove two 2010s; one standard, one automatic. I had them look into financing to get one. Much to my surprise Monday they called me back and said that they got me financing, and got the Black standard that I wanted from another nearby dealership from about 50 miles away).

Yesterday I went in, signed all the paperwork, and gave them a fat cashiers check and drove away with my new car. Here is a picture that DameFreesia took before I left the lot.

Neil in Car

I immediately drove around the corner to Psymon’s house to show him.

Today at work I took a couple more pictures of the car at work. Here they are:

front angle

Yay new car!