Open Office 3.2 Released!

It has been almost eight (8) years now Open Office 1.0 was released. And in that time the project has really matured and come into it’s own. Today they released the new version 3.2.

It has a bunch of new features (outlined here: 3.2 New Features. A couple of the bigger “new featuress” are: faster start up times; improved compatibility with open standard (ODF) and proprietary file formats, Support for Postscript based OpenType fonts, and new chart functionality.

This release (archived) is about 150mb. Probably more once I install and play with it at home.

Download link:

Elder Tribunal: Toravon the Ice Watcher 10 and 25

On the same day that Toravon the Ice Watcher took up residence in the Vault of Archavon in Northern Wintergrasp, Elder Tribunal went forth and slaughtered him not once, but twice!

Once on 10man, and once on 25man mode. Grats Darque on t10.25 legs! Sadly the DK legs were disenchanted because of a lack of DKs in the raid.

*UPDATE* on 02/03/2010 we killed him on 10man again as part of 10m Wednesday.