Black and White 2009

This years Black and White Masquerade was fun! This year it was no longer thrown by Eagles Rook, and went back to Chimeraon hands again. Ian did a great job. I played Sir Connor (ER) during the day.

Once night time came though I switched to Sir Deimos (deceased)… Here is a great picture of Quazar and D. Yay paste eating! They of course got married. Sir K became the new leader of Blackwood, and things move forward.

Lady Quazar gets a desk job!

Today my friend (whom I shall call Quazar, so that people who know her will know who I’m talking about) started a new job.

“Day One: First words from boss.. have facebook up all day .. :-)”

For some reason though i cannot shake the image in my head of her Realms Character sitting at a desk trying to work on this magic box (computer) getting stressed out and threatening it and casting DI to get it to work… (so humorous).

If it was a comic strip it would show her at the cell 1: interview, cell 2: sitting at the desk with the computer, and cell 3: her getting a data jack installed in her skull to interface with the magic boxs better.

(ps hopefully she doesn’t kill me for this)