QoH Followup

The weekend is finally over…

Congratulations to Illyana on winning Queen of Hearts (And of course her team).

Additionally congratulations to the Winner of the Champion tournament Sir Caine, and the winner of the Champion Mage Tournament Janus of Chimeron.

I’m glad that I got a chance to help judge a lot of the non-coms this year as well as run the Champion Mages Tournament. I saw a lot of good sportsmanship and team work from most.

In other news, The Free Kingdoms has been dissolved by King Jarrod of Folkstone. The king is dead. Long live the King!

During court Lord Sir Aeston of Vinehaeven and Areni swore Fealty to Lord Sir Do’uod of Rhiassa. Additionally Rhiassa unveiled its new Heraldry. Sir Aeston was named Warmark of Rhiassa. Squire Mohan stepped down from Captain of the Militia, and Maggnus became the new Captain of the Militia.

Sir Duncan Honorary Lord of Rhiassa has been recovered and returned to the Realms.
(Feel free to pester Squire Mohan for the details.)

Sir Aesten, Warmark of Rhiassa was finally Knighted as a Knight of Rhiassa by his Knight, Sir Duncan honorary Lord of Rhiassa.

New Hampshire Roller Derby (The Followup)

Saturday August 2nd, 2008 marked the Double Dose of Derby action at the JFK Coliseum in Manchester, NH. Their next match will be on September 27 against the Calamity Janes in Maine. More information regarding this event will be posted here as it becomes available.

Skate Free or Die is here to stay!

The banner over the door to the Coliseum
picture taken and owned by Jason Gray.

The Unicorns (team picture)
picture taken and owned by Jason Gray.

Jammin 4 Jesus VS Skatin’ 4 Satan action shot
picture taken and owned by Angela Gray.

Jammin 4 Jesus VS Skatin’ 4 Satan action shot
picture taken and owned by Angela Gray.

Irate Pir8!
picture taken and owned by Jeremy Sullivan

Brother Bearings Proclaims!
picture taken and owned by Jeremy Sullivan

ps sorry this took so long to post, it took me a little while to find the pictures I wanted for it.

Queen of Hearts XV

This upcoming weekend all the preparation and hard work of many people come together in the form of one of the largest Realms Tournament events of the year. August 16 – 17th in Belchertown, MA at the Swift River Sportsmen Club we once again converge for the tournaments and honor and challenge in pursuit of the honor title “Queen of Hearts”!

Event Holders: Seth Flagg, Owen Smith
Magic Marshal: Neil Tozier

Come one, come all, and compete!

New Hampshire Roller Derby

Tomorrow marks a new era… the New Hampshire Roller Derby will be starting their first season and having their first match. The mood around my house this week has been borderline between huge amounts of stress and meltdown all week. Why? Well because Irate Pir8 has been running around trying to make sure that everything is just right.

For more information or tickets please contact her directly. You can read more about this league and some of girls at: Concord Monitor Article. Enjoy, and see you at the match on Saturday!

ps. You an also get tickets via the web site, and read a lot more about the league on their web page! www.nhrollerderby.com