Every year the Realms EH meeting gathers to debate rules changes. Past years have seen some pretty heavy changes to the game, and I’m quite sure that the future will hold more of the same. This little area is devoted to proposals that I have written and or submitted to the EG or EH meetings starting with the 2008 meetings and going to present.

FireFox 3

Today is Firefox 3 download day! As of about 1pm EST you can download the latest version from However, before you run right out to do that you should probably know that the servers are HAMMMMMMMMERED!

direct to download link for English OS:Windows

Even once you do get the download to start it will be painfully slow. I’ve been downloading for almost 5 minutes, and am only 50% done the 7.1mb file.

Fathers Day

Happy Belated Fathers Day to all you fathers out there. Tonight we went to dinner at my mother’s house to celebrate a holiday that isn’t. My daughter, step-father, Sister and her boyfriend were there.

My wonderful daughter got me these neat dangle earrings, and a cute little green dragon that I’ve place on my monitor. Yay! Thank you!

On a less serious note my tea bag had a message for me that you all need to know about…. “Revolutions make the king a nervous Rex”

EverQuest: Living Legacy

EverQuest: Living Legacy is a celebration of the millions of players who have adventured in EverQuest in the last nine years. Whether you were one of the first players to call Norrath home or just dropped by for a day to explore, we’re inviting you to come back and celebrate with us. Special events and unique reward opportunities are waiting. We’re still in the fight. Is the fight still in you?

Log in now to celebrate:

* Free Game Play
All inactive paying and trial EverQuest accounts in good standing have been reactivated and entitled for free play up until July 25, 2008.
* Free EverQuest Secrets of Faydwer All-In-One Pack Software
Get caught up on content and keep the game upon your conversion to paid monthly subscription.
* Unique In-Game Item Bundle
Available for all returning players.
o Claimable at Log-In – Get up to speed immediately with:
+ Bundles of Defiant Armor* – Class and level specific armor upgrade
+ The Scabbard of Fortune* – Class and level specific weapon upgrade
+ Ten Potions of Adventure* – Increased XP to get back in the fight
+ Ten Movement Speed Potions* – Jet from battle to battle
+ The Legacy Satchel* – A container for your loot
o Special Offer! Living Legacy participants who convert to subscribers on or before July 25, 2008 will be granted a unique item upon purchase of the upcoming EverQuest expansion pack. This item is claimable upon expansion release.
+ The Temporal Chrysalis* – A mysterious item that pulses as if alive. Who knows what it will hatch into…

* Player Events – XP Bonuses, Upgrades To Favorite Zones and New Raids!
o The Hottest Zones Ever! All current EverQuest hot zones offer an additional 25% experience bonus. See the “Welcome Back” tab for a list of the current hot zones and their suggested level ranges as well as details on the experience bonus.
o More Loot! The global drop rate has been updated throughout all of Norrath so returning and current adventurers can line their pockets.
o Classic Group Content Upgrades! Lower Guk (7/7/08 – 8/04/08) will be fine-tuned with upgraded loot for groups of returning hardcore adventurers. Prepare to face some old enemies…and a few new ones!
o Brand New Raids! Get ready for the fight of your life with four brand new raid scenarios. Incredible item rewards await adventurers who face these hardcore challenges and succeed. See the “Events Tab” for more details.
* Legends Of Norrathâ„¢ – Free game client, starter pack, and access to competitive prize tournaments.

Get Started Now
If you have uninstalled EverQuest, click here to download the installer. The download may be quite large and take a significant amount of time.