WoW: Re-Spec

Back on Aug 17th I wrote about how I was thinking about changing my spec to be a little better in PVP and still be able to have an effective healing build for raiding, and increase my ability to successfully AETank farm again. At that time I posted how I was thinking of going. Last night I finally re-specced, and here are the results. There are some slight differences, and here is my logic for the changes.

add Holy:Holy Guidance 5/5 increases dmg/heal by 35% of int.
This is an increase of approximately 159 dmg/heal. Rumor has it patch 2.3 will introduce 1/3 of +heal will count towards +damage. If this happens by my calculations I will be up over +750 damage in my PVP/Solo set. Also high +heal is always a good thing.

sub Prot: Sacred Duty 2/2 increases Sta by 6%
I really wanted this talent, but the points for H:HG had to come from somewhere. Unfortunately this was one of the places.

I’ll report back after I’ve played with it for a while to let you all know what I think about the new build. Either way its better then my old build, but I already miss Imp. Devotion Aura. Hopefully another paladin at the raids will have it.

Heinlein Archives

Fantastic news for SciFi Fans and students everywhere! Heinlein is one of my favorite authors and has been for many years. So it makes me giddy to announce the entire collection of Robert A. Heinlein’s published works is now available online! The UC Santa Cruz Archives in conjunction with The Heinlein Prize Trust have put digital copies of a fantabulous amount of notes, manuscripts, research, drafts, and manuscripts online for research and academic purposes.


Newly added to the “Mostly Safe to read now” List

For many years now I have been on the record stating that there were certain authors that I would just not read period until they were done with the series. Some of the arguments were of course “but they said in X interview that they are not writing another book in the series.” or something similar. Several of the authors on this list include Steven King, Robert Jordan, and recently added J.K. Rowling. Well it is finally happened, the Wheel of Time series is officially on the “Mostly safe to read now” list.

On Sunday Sept 16th, 2007 James Oliver Rigney Jr. better known by his pen name Robert Jordan passed away from Cardiac Amyloidosis. It is reported that he was working on his 12th and final volume of his Wheel of Time novel. Rest in Peace. You had a good run.

Source: slashdot