HMIS goodness

Recently at work I have been working on a new internal web page for processing information. The basis of it is that we have to enter data into a database, and it is a rare thing when we get a form A. filled out correctly, and/or B. legible. So in an effort to reduce the issues we are having with both those items we have webized it. The easy solution would of course be to have the individual who is responsible for filling out the paper work input into the database. However due to legality issues, license issues, and other we cannot have them do that. So I have set up MySQL and PHP on the webserver and started transitioning the forms into PHP w/ CSS.

There are four different forms that are submitted to us in IT to process. They are the ENTRY, MINIMUM, EXIT, and TURNAWAY. The first three are ready, and inputs the data into the database, allows for viewing, but at this point does not allow anyone to edit it. This will be reserved for admins/managers and implemented at a later time. I’m hoping that we will be able to make the leap to a paperless enviorment for the whole thing. Having two filing cabinets storing paperwork that chances are we are never going to look at again seems like a waste of time, energy and space.

Next on the agenda is the TURNAWAY form. I have also been toying with the idea of combining the ENTRY and MINIMUM forms into one. Since one cannot process data in the other database without both forms this seems to make sense. Once that has been completed the next stage will be to change the output of the database to have a “PRINT” maximized for printing output version. And to make the system email me with the clientid, and form id numbers so that I transfer the data into the state run database. The whole thing seems rather silly to me. But ultimately it should enable us to sell the product to other non-profits, or take over being the HMIS database for NH.


Some dumb ass spammer decided to post a spam comment to one of the entries here. Your account has been disabled, and you are cordially informed that your presence here is hence forth disallowed. If you are a spammer and have not yet posted anything here, please leave immediately. I don’t want you here, and all your posts, comments, etc will summarily be censored and/or deleted. Thank you, have a nice day, and I hope you goto jail.

of the weekend and plot…

This past weekend Convergences and North/South War. Friday night the heroes of the Realms did the final push and broke through to defeat the Deathmaster Zermarx in his place of power. Congratulations Dame Freesia, Sir K, and Sir Brighthammer.

The rest of the weekend was taken up with the tournaments of North/South war. As part of the marshaling staff I appreciated only having to yell a couple times, and have a few “talks” with players. Over all I would say that the most of you conducted yourselves in a fashion that I have come to expect of you. With honor, dignity, and fairness.

Congratulations North! Congratulations Sir Blade, General of the North.

IC letter to nobility of the Realms

The following is dispatched by courier to anyone known to have a title, in a black sealed scroll case. The wax seal upon the case is dark blue, and has an intricate D crest.

IC –

Unto Sir Kwartz of Folkstone, and all nobility of the Realms,

I do with heavy heart inform you I must break my pledge to you. For those whom know not, the pledge was to remain within Idaris until Zermarx was dealt with. This pledge was made in exchange for the safe harbor of those willing members of Idaris within Bloodshed Forest in Folkstone. In a short while, I depart as my lord orders. I trust you can and will understand the situation. You all may label me oath breaker. I can do naught but embrace this new title, and hope that my forced hand shall not compromise the intent of the agreement we made.

May your blades chip and shatter.

Sir Dark Kal’Amar
General of Zermarx
Arch-Duke of Blackwood
Viscount of Idaris
Knight of the Steward
Knight of Blackwood
Warlord of Chaos

OOC – an identical wax seal adorns the bottom of the scroll.

birthday + alcohol + fire + dancing girls = trip to hospital

Last night was interesting. Matronsinafay and I went up to Malcom’s place for his and Steph’s birthday party. I liked the fountain of wine. Mostly it was a good time. It was nice to see some people that I do not get to see a whole lot in recent months.

I say mostly predominantly because of Steph cutting her hand wide open. Which of course resulted in Malcom, SirK, and I taking her to the Hospital. During the course of them stitching her up (and several phone calls from a concerned Timbywaffle) we had a good conversation about old Sierra video games. Such as Kings Quest, Police Quest, and Space Quest.

Timbywaffle, Jinx, and the chain mail tie jester showed up as they were letting her leave. Which of course is when I found out about some schmucks almost blowing up Matronsinafay and Jess with some illegal firework that was the equivalent to a quarter stick of dynamite. Luckily for them they were gone before we got back.

We hung out for some time after that and then headed home to get some sleep before gaming. Of course I’m sitting here writing this because gaming was canceled. Annoying that it was canceled because one person couldn’t make it.