REALMS: Shaman 7 Replacement 2007 v1

Along the same vein as the Create Soldier here is another re-write this time for Shaman Tranformation.

Transformation (Shaman 7)
Uses: 1

The shaman releases their inner nature. The effect is a transformation.
Each individual shaman may have a different form, but that form is consistent to the shaman (i.e. Matt’s altered form is different than Sally’s, but Matt’s altered form is always the same any time he shifts to it…).
A complete description of the altered form, including advantages and disadvantages must be in the spell description of the casters spellbook. The shaman must alter his appearance when in the transformed state. He must wear a different tabard, makeup, prosthetics, mask, or some other major signifying indicator that he is “not quite right;” details should also be listed in the spellcaster’s spellbook.

Spellcasters under the effects of the Transformation spell are not considered to be enchanted beings unless someone enchants them, or they take an advantage that states such (see below). Spellcasters under the effects of the Transformation spell can be enchanted, but the enchantments do not carry over if the spellcaster reverts to his common form. Likewise, if the spellcaster is enchanted and then uses the Transformation spell, the enchantments do not carry over to the altered form, but will resume after the shaman reverts to his common form.

All altered forms have the following advantages/disadvantages:
• Has the use of florentine matched length claws, 18″ maximum. Cannot use any other weapons. Cannot use or manipulate anything except with those claws (after all, they’re the end of your hands). These claws do not break the casters weapon length restriction.
• The claws are physical representations for the spell, and are not really there until the spell is cast. They cannot be used by anyone other than the spellcaster, and he may only use them when under the effects of the spell. The claws must be clearly labeled with the phrase “Transformation Claws,” and the spellcaster’s name. Furthermore they are unbreakable and immune to the effect of a boulder, though the caster is killed as normal if struck in the claws.
• Cannot use any spells while in altered form.
• The spellcaster may revert back to his common form, ending the spell, at any time.

A Shaman may take disadvantages totaling up to 4 points to construct his altered form. Unless stated otherwise each disadvantage can only be taken once:
• Enchanted: 1 point. Altered form is considered an enchanted being.
• Vulnerability to Silver Weapons: 1 point. Any Silver weapon is considered to be armor piercing if it strikes you.
• Involuntary Shifting: 1 point. The Shaman is required to stay in their altered form until the end of the event or the next spell reset at EH/MM’s discretion.
• Light Sensitivity: 1 point. The Shaman while in altered form does not like bright light sources (sunlight, flashpots, light spells) and will avoid them fleeing in the opposite direction if need be, or staying in the shadows during the day.
• Blood Frenzy: 2 point. The smell of blood (people dying or losing limbs) with in 20 feet of the shaman sends them into an uncontrollable blood frenzy killing everything and everyone around them, including friends.
• Involuntary recipient: 2 points. Cannot use potions or have potions used on Shaman while in Altered form.
• Brittle Bone: 2 points. The altered forms claws are weaker then usual, and subject to breakage as per normal weapons.
A Shaman gets 5 points to spend on their altered form. The may also spend points gained from their disadvantages on the following abilities:
• Multiple Forms: 1 point per form. Allows the spell caster to have more then one “Altered Form” recorded in their spell book they can choose from.
• Natural Armor: 1-point per point of body armor. Each point covers every hit location. Up to 2 points of armor may be purchased. Armor may be repaired by casting Repair Item on each section of armor. Cannot be used in conjunction with Regenerating Armor.
• Regenerating Armor: 3 points per single point of body armor. Up to 2 points of armor may be purchased. The spellcaster must lie on his back without attacking. Once so positioned, the altered form’s armor regenerates 1 point to one hit location damaged for every 10 seconds the spellcaster remains still (repairing every hit location once would take 70 seconds, while repairing 2 points to every location would take 140 seconds). The spellcaster cannot choose to regenerate only one area to full, then go back to combat, but must take the time to repair all the armor damaged before resuming combat. Cannot be used in conjunction with Natural Armor. Taking this ability makes the Shaman considered an enchanted being.
• Extra Lives: 2 points for 1 use. All of the Shaman’s limbs regenerate after 30 seconds as an unlimited effect. Cannot be in combat while healing limbs in this fashion. Shaman regenerates from death once in 200 seconds. 1 pt for each additional extra life beyond the first. Taking this ability makes the Shaman considered an enchanted being.
• Pack Runt: 2 points One of your claws is shorter then the other. For each 2 inches you reduce one claw length, you may increase the other by 1 inch. (minimum weapon length 18”, maximum weapon length 3’6”)
• 1 point for 2’ florentine claws (increased from 18″)
• 2 points for 2’6″ florentine claws (increased from 18″)
• 3 points for 3′ florentine claws (increased from 18″)
• 4 points for 3’6″ florentine claws (increased from 18”)
• Poison Weapons: 4 points. The caster may call, “poison” each time they swing their claws.
• Heartiness as per the spell: 1 point
• Death Watch as the per spell : 2 points Taking this ability makes the Shaman considered an enchanted being.
• Armor-Piercing Weapons: 6 points. The caster may call “Armor-piercing” each time they swing their claws.

Also see the Regeneration Caveat

The thread discussing this can be found here at

REALMS: Necro 6 replacement 2007 v1.1

Here are some (Realms rules) ideas I’ve been tossing around. Note that the soldier does not default to “undead”, but depending on how points are spent can become that way. Also not that Soldiers created with this spell are still considered enchanted beings.

Create Soldier (Necromancer 6)
Uses: 1 – Verbal: 40 words, and a full explanation Material: A willing player to NPC the soldier, garb, mask.

The spellcaster’s player needs to find another player who is willing to play the soldier and must supply that player with garb and a mask that allows other characters to realize what they are seeing is a construct of some kind.

This spell calls a soldier to do the bidding of the spellcaster. The spellcaster may only have one soldier in-play at any time. Soldiers are not considered to be undead unless advantages/disadvantages taken below change this state. Soldiers are considered to be enchanted beings. (see the enchanted being caveat)

When this spell is first cast, the spellcaster has to decide what the abilities and disadvantages of the soldier are. Once the soldier has been summoned once, the spellcaster can only summon that particular type of soldier, unless he learns the spell again, in which case, the spellcaster may summon a more powerful soldier. The powers of the current soldier must be written in the spellcaster’s spellbook. If the spellcaster unlearns a use of the spell, the soldier he summons becomes weaker, and must be adjusted accordingly.

The soldier is completely loyal to the spellcaster. It requires no payment for its service.

The soldier has to obey all the same rules for weapon lengths as all PCs do.

A Necromancer may take disadvantages totaling up to 3 points per learning, to construct his Soldier. Unless stated otherwise each disadvantage can only be taken once:
• Disloyal Soldier: 1 point. The soldier while loyal to its spellcaster will attempt to circumvent orders by being literal, slacking off while the necromancer isn’t paying attention, and/or talking back to and arguing with their spellcaster.
• Undead: 1 point. The soldier is considered undead and must follow the Undead Caveat. They can be held back by both Protection from Undead and Protection from Enchanted Beings spells. Additionally soldier that are undead cannot be raised by Raise Dead, Combat Raise Dead, or Potion of Raise Dead Spells, and are immune to poison and disease.
• Weak Aura: 2 point. Magic weapons (but not the Magic Missile spell) are considered armor-piercing vs. the soldier. Additionally wounds inflicted on a soldier by magic weapons cannot be regenerated from, but the soldier can be completely healed through an expenditure of a Create Zombie or Create Undead spell. Healing a soldier does not transfer ownership of the soldier to the spellcaster. It remains loyal to the spellcaster that created it.
• Demonic Infestation: 2 points. The soldier despises the living, especially healers. Any time they have a “healer” path spell cast upon them, they will kill the healer, and proceed to into an uncontrollable rage killing everything and everyone around them, including friends.
• Unfailing Memory: 1 point. The soldier remembers all the other times that s/he has been summoned and is not happy about it. While similar to disloyal soldier, they will not attempt to circumvent orders. They will however bad mouth their “caster” at every opportunity, and related the casters secrets (if they have any) to others in the area. Examples of a secret would be scalping PCs, clandestine international incidents, etc.

Each time the spellcaster learns the spell they gain 3 points to construct their Soldier. The spellcaster may also spend points gained from disadvantages to purchase special abilities from the following table:

One 18″ dagger 0 pt.
Primary Weapon 1 pt./ft rounded up
Secondary Weapon 1 pt./ft rounded up
Shield 2 pt.:
Armor 1 pt./pt. of body armor (max 3 pt.)
Regenerating Armor 3 pt./pt. of body armor (max 3 pt.)
Regeneration 3 pt.
Poisoned Weapon 5 pt. per weapon
Diseased Weapon 3 pts (for 5 swings of “disease” per event)
Armor-Piercing 6 pt. per weapon
Magic Resistance 2 pt. per point

No more than 16 points can be spent on the creation of a soldier.

• If the soldier does not use the free dagger, 18″ can be subtracted off the length of its primary weapon. If the soldier’s only weapon was 3′ 6″ long, it would only cost 2 points (2′ plus free 18″).
• A shield costs 2 points, no matter how large it is.
• Every point of body armor counts towards each hit location.
• Body armor can be repaired though use of one Repair Item spell per hit location.
• A soldier may not have more than 3 points of body armor, and may not combine regenerating armor and normal armor.
• A soldier’s regenerating armor repairs itself when the soldier is Raised with the Create Zombie spell or Create Undead spell, Regenerates by use of the Ability, or if the soldier lies down without attacking for a 60 second count. Taking this ability makes the Soldier considered an enchanted being.
• Regeneration allows an un-scalped soldier to regenerate after 120 seconds. Also see the Regeneration Caveat.
• The poisoned weapon, diseased weapon and armor-piercing abilities may not be used on the same weapon. Taking these abilities also makes the soldier considered enchanted.
• Magic resistance works as per the Abjurer path spell Resist Magic (the soldier may choose when to use it), except that the points may be stacked.
• Soldiers may not use any weapons or armor not specifically granted them through the point system, and may not use magic items, except for potions, which it may administer, as directed.

Every 4 points that are used to construct the soldier also gives it an additional 100 blows before it is considered ‘scalped’. A 4 point soldier needs to take 300 blows before being scalped, while a 16 point soldier can take 600 scalping blows. If a soldier is scalped the spell ends. An un-scalped soldier may be healed and raised as normal.
The Banish Conjured Being spell (7th circle Abjurer) scalps a soldier, ending the spell.

The thread discussing this can be found here at

Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was Matiya of Folkestone’s Birthday dinner.

Happy Birthday!!!

A small gathering was held in her honor at Margarita’s here in Nashua. Those in attendance were Mathies, Pheonix, Brother AzraBabaKi the Hunter, Zula, Freesia, Celeste, Kwartz, Hawk, Rhiannon, Damien, and of course myself. (Yes I realize it was not an IC dinner, but I have this aversion to using real names.)

RANT: Nov 1st

Every group seems to have “one of those people”. You know the ones that just will never understand netiquette or even see the need for it.

If you would like to forward something to me that you find funny, humorous, important, etc you can of course feel free to do so. However I do not want my email address plastered on 50 other peoples screen because you forwarded one item to all your friends. So please remove me from your little list. If you really want to send me something then send it to just me (you can then forward it to everyone else minus me).

To be quite honest, I simply delete 99% of chain letters with out even getting past the first sentence. So you may want to be a bit more selective with what you send me. Chances are if it’s good, I’ve already seen it. I’ve been on the net for 14 years now, and the influx of funny and good stuff is much slower then people realize. Most chain letters have made their rounds to my inbox and subsequently my deleted folder years ago.