My house.. in the middle of a sale… my house

This is the house that my dad built. Ok so he didn’t build the entire thing, but I have wierd faint memories helping him finish the floor in the masterbed room (I was like age 3ish). I lived in this house from age 2ish until I moved into my own house shortly around the time April and I got married. After we divorced I moved back in for a while until my mom sold it in (ok so I dont remember the year. so I sent an email to someone to ask).. Anyway my father emailed me this link today. I thought that I might share a little of my history with anyone who felt like reading.


I miss the house. *sigh* I always thought that I would end up living there some day. Seeing this makes me nostalgic. It reminds me of all my old friends from Elementary-High School that I have not seen in years. It also makes me kinda sad.

On a happier note, Happy Birthday ERG and TWAFFLE! Hopefully I will get a chance to see both of you soon.

firefox bug?

I try my best to keep my machines here at the house running the latested patches and versions of the software installed on them. I think that most geeks do. Recently I have been using my laptop in the living room instead of my desktops. This means that I can watch things on the big screen, sit on my comfy couch, and still play with the computer. I have neglected my desktop machines for months. I powered them down and left them that way for a good chunk of the winter in order to try to keep the electric bill low. So of course since I started using one of the desktops today I’ve had to patch it, and update several (read: most) of the software on it. I’ve noticed something that Mozilla Firefox users should probably be aware of.

It seems that the Firefox 1.0.x tree will not upgrade itself to the 1.5.x tree. You have go out and manually download and install 1.5.x and then it will upgrade itself appropriately. I think that is the current release as of this article. This was on WinXP patched to current.

Site update

Today in my sheer and utter boredom I went through my old LJ postings and transferred all the ones that I wanted to keep to this site. I did not transfer them all, as some were meme’s or dead links, etc. You can view them by accessing the archives or you by simply scrolling down and accessing the older pages. As an after thought, I did not copy the old comments either. Just thought that I should mention that. Enjoy!

SLR DigiCam

Harbor Homes gave me a budget to be able to buy a few things so as to be able to sell things on eBay. One of those things was a really nice Nikon D50 camera. Over the next few days I will of course be posting some new pictures as I continue to experiment with the camera. To start you off right, here is a picture of Ben from Bickfords last tuesday.

click on image to enlarge

Spring-ish Clean-ish

So I have been trying to clean some things up semi-recently. It started of course with the apartment, and has since gone on to other things… namely computers. Today has been cleaning out my buddy list on AIM. So I went through and hopefully with some precison removed 70+ people from my buddy list. It’s one of those things that I have been meaning to do for a while now. How many buddies do you have on your list? I still have around 150.