Trip-ing the Gates ][

Trip-ing the Gates ][

Tax Day Cometh
April 15, 2006

Place: Miles Pendry’s House – Brookline, NH.


Neil S. Tozier —

3 Robert Drive Nashua, NH 03063

Event Description:

Heros of the Realms,

Things here in Blackwood have remained much the same, at least seventy
percent of the population is now undead and Marduath has continued to
evade our patrols. Recent reports have tracked his activities back to
a small stronghold located in the province of Alonis in northern
Blackwood. With the bulk of my forces currently otherwise engaged any
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the Den, the View, and the Event

Next tuesday is my last night late night during the week at Denny’s. I’ll be staying on for a while on Friday and Saturday late nights for some extra money. Considering the hospital bills from my emergency room trip and over night stay after the event goers meeting just came in… and even AFTER insurance covered the bulk of it I owe over $1700. I guess that my tax returns are gonna go towards that instead of going towards my other debt like I planned.

In other news, theview.realmsnet site is almost done. We’ve been furiously adding old content, new content, and setting things up. I suppose that there will be an official announcement about the site to the Realms OOC list some time soonish. I’m hoping to have the time to implement a couple features before the announcement is made.

Idaris / Blackwood plot is moving forward. The next in the series of events is taking place on April 15th at the Pendry Palace. Hopefully, everything will run smoothly. I’ve recruited quite an impressive list of people to assist with NPCing, etc. It seems that I’ll be throwing, or maybe more appropriately I’ll be EHing, at least four (4) events this year. (Trip-ing the Gates ][, idaris part 4, No Dice, and A Questing We Will Go ][.) It makes me even more glad that I handed Feast of Blackwood ? to Matronsinafay.

broken eggs and visitations

Here it is the 27th, and still no official offer letter. I thought that I made things rather clear. I thought that everything was agreed upon except for annual salary. Apparently thats not the case. They are still trying to do something and I’m stuck waiting for my offer letter to negotiate salary.

We thought that we found a car for MatronSinafay. But the deal fell thru and now we’re back looking again. The search continues…

To leave things on an up note my daughter is up from NM visiting for the week. Yay for school vacations. Not too much longer, and summer break will be upon us, and she will be here the whole summer. With some luck, outstanding issues will resolve, and we will be able to enjoy the summer months together.

on offers and finances

Today I received my “official” offer from HHI. I should be getting the offer letter today or tomorrow, but I’m not particularly happy with what I’m hearing so far. To start with it would be enough for me to leave Dennys . Or at the very least drop down to part time. The offer is about 4k a year lower then I told them was my minimum, and they want me to start as part time until June. This would mean continued accrual of benefit time, and an hourly rate for about 24 hours a week. This would also mean that my weekends would be consumed with working at Dennys, and would totally remove any possibility of throwing realms events and/or attending them.

On an up note, my car is now fixed (or at least all the things that caused me to fail inspection have been repaired). I should be getting my sticker today. This is a good step in the right direction. (It ended up costing me about $850 which is significantly cheaper then the original estimates, but still a lot more then I’d thought it would be.)

What to do, what to do. Of course I’m going to attempt to negotiate a better salary, and to start out full time. Even starting part time will be a good earning upgrade compared to Dennys. Especially since Denny’s has only me been scheduling four days a week. To start with i will be making about the same in three days as I am making at Dennys in four. I think that I will put in my notice so that my last day will be the day before Creathorne. Which means I would have about a month with the income level I have now before going full time at HHI.

on copyright and fair use

Have you ever wanted to learn more about copyright and fair use in the United States? Does the boring and overly drawn out law language bore you to death? Well here is an interesting alternative… Three people at Duke Law School have written a comic book, that explains a lot on the topic, and hopefully will leave you thinking about the topic. The comic book was written by James Boyle and Jennifer Jenkins, and illustrated by Keith Aoki.

Read the comic book online at:

Car woes and egg counting

The woes…

Its that time of year when money crunches as the state collects their car registration tax and the government gets their share also. The garages get their over inflated attach a sticker to the car tax. Only this time I have thing on the car that need fixing. Oh wait, I needed to do that last year too. And the year before that, and the year before…

So, with some help from my boss @ Denny’s I do my own breaks. Which costs me about $80, instead of lining the pockets of some garage or the other. Now I just need to get a new windshield and I’m good to go, right? Wrong. It seems that I have to expend another $1000 to get the car fixed to pass inspection. This coupled with the bad timing of Matronsinafay’s car being quite literally a jaws of life candidate make for a bad time. I have 7 days left to get my car inspected. I, certainly, do not have that kind of money laying around. You may ask why so much and my answer would be ball joints and tie rods. Knowing next to nothing about cars means of course I have no concept of what it should cost. I do know that tie rods have something to do with steering, and that when I had a bent tie rod on the Thighmaster one wheel was turned when the other was straight. This sounds officially like bad news.

The egg counting…

One should as they say never count your eggs before the are hatched. So what am I doing counting eggs? Exactly that. Tempting fate. I’ve gotten enough hours at HHI to almost come up with the $1000 for the car I just need to wait until next pay cycle to get it. And I have a meeting monday with the Director to “discuss” bringing me on full time. For those not “in the know” I’ve worked for them part time for almost 4 years now. This would mean a steady and solid full time position, a very nice benefits, and a normal eight to four with no weekends!

How’s that for counting eggs?

tmib’s spicy thai-ish soup

1/2 lbs. ground beef
1/2 lbs. kielbasa (cut up into small pieces)
1 red bell pepper (sliced thinly and then in half)
1/2 bag of stir fry mix
1 tspn Red Curry paste
1/2 package of rice stick noodle
A goodly amount of broccoli (about a cup and a half cut up)
1 cup of water
Crushed red pepper (to taste)
Dried Basil (to taste)

throw everything except the rice noodles into a large skillet
and put on low heat.

Take a large pot and full it with hot tap water. Put the rice noodles into it while the meat and veggies cook. (You may want/need to add more water to the meat and veggies I like my soup with little broth.)

Once the meat and veggies are cooked drain the noodles and add it to the meat. Stir it in and viola!

Hey, I was bored tonight and grabbed what I had laying around the house and came up with this spicy yummy goodness.