fallen what?

So as usual I’m reading through my usual geek news sites for the day, and there is a story on slashdot about how Chinese people are avoiding the Chinese Governments censorship. While this doesn’t particularly surprise me at all, I was rather amused that it was so openly noted. Now someone in the Chinese regime can alter their code to block even more things… anyway, on to the point.

There is a note in the story about the banned religion Falun Dafa (aka Falun Gong). While the name makes me think of fallen gong, I quickly realized that this was something that I had heard about before, but had not had much exposure to. (Turns out that calling it a religion would not be accurate. Hell its sort of like calling the Atkins way of life a diet… which most people do.) So moving on, I did a little research. Quickly, mind you since I’m at work. But here is where you can find more information about this subject.


Also, something that rather bothered me about the whole movement in general was its symbolism.


What kind of moron chooses a symbol to represent a movement that is renown through out the world as the Swastika, and associated the kinds of horrors and atrocities that most people will hopefully only ever read about. (note that there is a nice little “history of” the Wan (aka Swastika) write up, but still…)

ok I’m done rambling…


Well the new place now has inet access! And the network is back up and happy days I have multiple computers all side by side happy humming at me. Yay! The new DVR is setup, and working. The roof project was a tremendous success, and was fun also. (Cooking warsaw for 15 people was also a new and fun experience.) Now maybe I will post a little more frequently and such. 🙂 Its so nice to be back online with a real connection…