lazy sundays

The last week or so in review…

Last weekend – Summer Fest, in the words of Amergin the best event ever thrown!
Omg! It was fantastic. The castle siege was great.

monday – raid night, my guild tried RZtW for the first time and lost. We got him down to 39% first try though.

tuesday – my guild killed RZtW, I wasnt there. I went out with matronsinafay to Booka’s house and watched SG-1 and Atlantis.

wednesday – fight practice … fight practice … yay. Then Denny’s.
Imp-ress showed up and hung out with us.

thursday – fight practice at blkw1d house. Was a good time.

friday – went out to the GB with bunches of people. fun drunken times yo.

saturday – went out to Miles house and visited with Booka and watched movies. Then to Fencer’s for a event holder meeting.

Today is just one of those lazy lounge around the house sorta days.

plot happens…

Today Booka, Mikay and I went to Plot Happens and then you die. Was fun. Yay for Cevaris teaching me my new spell. Mekrian now has his third spell. Next weekend is of course Innocent Blood and Island of Dr Slashblight. Which will be spell 4 and 5. Go go NPC for spell credit action!

Yay for hanging out with best friends at a Raelms event killing (or trying to) shit. Might head back up tomorrow or Monday. Not sure yet. Good luck guys. peace.