so yeah…

FP went well tonight. Mikay had fun. I had fun. Came home to an additional 100k plat on the trader.

Three days of depression seem to have cleared up because of a conversation with someone important. It’s amazing what can happen when two people actually communicate. Don’t you think?

Well heading out to smoke and then to bed. Yay for cuddles.


disclaimer: this is not directed towards anyone in particular

Today was just one of those days that you wish you hadn’t woken up… or never did wake up. It couldnt decide if it wanted to rain or not. It was just a blah day.

No matter what you thought might happen, and might be a good idea, it wasnt. Maybe you’re like me and napped on the couch because you didnt want to be in a bad mood, but still woke up in one.

Maybe everyone seemed distant to you too. Tomorrow is a new day, and with some luck, it will be a better day.
If not well you can always go hide in your bedroom for a while and hope it goes away.

thesewalls is home…

Thesewalls is home. (As Kattala announced already)

what: Welcome home / Birthday Party
when: tonight (monday july 26, 2004) startiong around 6pm
where: Erg and Blkw1d and iamtmib’s house

This is a pot luck cook out style party. Please bring things to help defray food costs. We have a list going of who is bringing what, if you are afraid that you will double up please feel free to contact myself or Blkw1d. See you all tonight!


Tuesday morning…

Today has been an off day. Got up early to go to a customer site. Don’t have the information i need to actually help the customer, and i haven’t been able to get a hold of the person that has it. Guess I’m going to have to call them back and tell them that I cant help them right now, and reschedule for tomorrow.

Went to Hartford yesterday for a job interview. It went very well. The short version of the story is that the interview lasted 2.5 hours. I’d say that it went VERY well. 🙂

Last night went to Booka’s and watched Stargate: Atlantis series premier with matronsinafay. Gotta love ReplayTV. As she would say “Good times yo.” Got home and worked a little on making some more plat. Yay for long phone conversations til early in the morning.

Well I guess this is about the longest and most informative post I’ve made in this stupid LJ journal yet. Can’t wait for dinner tonight.


Today is a grey thursday afternoon and the sky poured out its tears.
All day today, I have been in a “WHATEVER” sort of mood. Maybe its
current events. Maybe its the weather. No one seems to be in a good
mood today. Myself included.

I guess today it all just boils down to whatever.

happy 4th

Well the 4th has come, and is slowly expiring…

Yesterday we had a cook out. Many were in attendance. Today we had another cook out and then watched the fireworks from Becky’s front yard. It was fun to hang out with people. Here it is 10pm and I think its time to move inside. Catch you all on the flip side…