Tonight was the bi-weekly AD&D campaign. All i have to say is we sucked the pooch. Brian’s character is now lost to us, and he was integral to the campaign plot. We’re out of the village, but now what? We spent all night trying to get out and we finally succeeded, but the cost was too high. Epic level campaigns suck, especially when your in the lower planes.

storms and cars

Nice storm out there tonight. Went to the Garbososki Annual Snoap tree festival. Was fun but my eyes are still watering. The drive home was interesting. Broke my damn windshield wiper. *grumble* Stopped in at Dennys for some Tea, and then came home and watched Battlestar again. Yay for SciFi channel.

Was certainly odd seeing chipmunk63084 and sionache777 and crew walking in the middle of the snow storm on the way home. Hope you all didnt get too cold.


Well my sweetie is sick and stayed home tonight. I met an old friend at Barnes & Nobles for Tea. We talked for hours. Ran into a old highschool friend while there. Saw heartofchrome and his little woman wandering around. Didnt get a chance to really say hi. Now i’m sitting in an empty house waiting for thewendilady to show up so we can chat.

and todays qoute..

And this evenings culmination of Denny’s excitement;

unknown person says “chipmunk63084! Who’s a pretty pretty princess?”

chipmunk63084 responds “nuitaran! nuitaran is a pretty pretty princess!”

nuitaran responds by blushing and covering his face with his hand.

Well good night all… time to go cuddle with the little woman. 🙂