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WOW: New system sound!


Marduath and I were talking today and decided that the Windows XP default "bong" noise when something bad happens needed to be changed. So we picked out a new sound, and now my machine makes that sound instead (see attached file).

Here is how you can do it to!

Using Classic view
1. START -> Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices
2. Click on the Sounds Tab
3. In the "Program Events" window scroll down until you see "Critical Stop"
4. click Browse
5. copy the sound file into the window and select it, click ok.

Symantec Antivirus 9 managed install


So if you ever have to deal with a "Managed" installation of Norton / Symantec Antivirus (in this case v9) and cannot seen to uninstall it because it asks you for a uninstall password remember that the password is "symantec". We have some older machines on the network that our last audit missed as being originally installed by someone other then us. As it turns out he had set them up as managed installs, and well they haven't updated their virus definitions in almost 2 years. Of course since they are managed one cannot change the settings.