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HELP: setting up and using FAQS in osticket 1.7RC6


So you upgraded from osTicket 1.6ST to 1.7x and FAQs aren't working?

So a while ago I cloned and updated my osticket 1.6ST (modified) and performed the update to 1.7RC2, and then updated to 1.7RC4, 1.7RC5, and finally 1.7RC6. I was never able to get FAQs to work at all. More specifically adding and editing them.

I logged in with my admin account and enabled them at:
Admin panel -> Knowledgebase

Yet still Categories and Add New Faq never showed up.

NEWS: OSTicket 1.7 RC6 released


As I predicted a couple days ago on the osTicket forums, just minutes ago osTicket 1.7 RC6 was released. This release candidate addresses many bugs that were reported from previous released as well as a host of [unnamed] enhancements and improvements. Although Peter said that RC5 was likely to be the last RC nearly 3 weeks ago we hope this will be the last RC release before the long awaited stable.

How change the OSTicket v1.7 RC4 and RC5 logos

UPDATE: 1.7RC5 was released on 19 Feb 2013.  These instructions
will work for RC4 and RC5.

So you have installed OSTicket v1.7rc4 and now you want to customize it a little by replacing the logo images on the staff login, staff side, and pdf printing. Then this is the article for you. There are two ways to achieve this goal. The easiest way is for those not familiar with CSS, or those not comfortable with modifying the template css files.

NEWS: OSTicket 1.7 RC4 released


Today OSTicket put out the next RC of the 1.7 tree. OSTicket version 1.7 Release Candidate 4 (RC4) became available today at 2:13pm EST. At this time the WHATS NEW has not been updated to reflect the changes. However the following bug has been addressed:

"When a client replies to a ticket from the osTicket client ui, the admin receives 2 emails with the same content."

Once they have a list of changes I will update this post.

NEWS: OSTicket 1.7 RC1 released


Yesterday OSTicket 1.7 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) became available. OSTicket is a popular [free] open source trouble ticketing system built on MySQL/PHP.

Here is a list of new features and such since 1.6 ST:

  • Upgrade support for osTicket 1.6-rc1 and later
  • Multi-file upload support -- more than one file (configurable) can be
    uploaded with new messages, replies, and internal notes via the web
  • Department/Group access feature allowing members of a group access to a

Dear Blizzard / Activision


Dear Blizzard and Activision,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me Diablo III for free with my promise to not shut off my WOW account.

I do have a serious question though. Why do you insist on a game like this requiring a connection to the servers? Diablo I and II were great games. This is a pretty great game. Really If I wanted another MMO I would turn my swtor account back on.