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Neat income percentile calculator


Remeber the Occupy Wall Street protest [which started in NY on September 17, 2011]? Of course you do! It hasn't even been a year. Since you remember you're very familiar with all the "We are the 99%" pictures all over the net. Well today I found a "What Income Percentile Are You" calculator over at Intuit's web site. Ever wonder what percentile you are actually in? The calculator will tell you. I displays both your US percentile and world percentile. Check it out with the link below:

One month of MyFitnessPal a review


I do not usually post about things that I consider too personal, but I've achieved something personal that I found I just had to share. I'm not the healthiest person in the world, and I know I eat too much because at heart I'm a "fat kid" and love food. My daughter came to visit this summer and we started hitting the gym together almost every day. After about three weeks of doing this I noticed that my belt that fit perfectly before was now too loose. It still worked as a belt but barely.

OST: MOD: Reports Module 5.0 -- custom From address


How To Edit Scottro's Reports Mod v5.0 to add custom
From address when emailing a report in 3 easy steps

So you've installed scottro's Reports Mod 5.0 in your OSTicket implementation and noticed that when you email a report to someone the From: tag is populated with his email address. This is of course not the behavior you want from the mod so you want to change it. Then this is the mod to the mod for you!

OSTicket 1.7 DPR4 is now available


Another DPR release of OSTicket is available. OSTicket is a popular open source trouble ticketing system built on PHP/MySQL.

It's been stated that this is probably the last DPR before a Release Candidate (RC1) release. You can get the latest version over at Github. As a reminder this version if for developers and enthusiasts and should not be used for a production environment.

source: OSTicket.com Forums

Blogger.com: How to center header image and header text


So a while back blogger.com moved to their new format. I of course migrated the Elder Tribunal to the new version. I spent some time trying to figure out how to center the header image and header text. The text was easy to do. The image was easy to do in IE, but didn't want to work in Firefox and Chrome. So I set it back to left justified and decided to wait until I had more time to play with it.

OSTicket 1.6: How to add a db populated drop down and admin interface [version 1.0]


OSTicket 1.6 ST - MOD: How to add a db populated drop down and admin interface [version 1.0]

These directions are for adding this feature to OSTicket v1.6ST. While it will be similar for any current version (RC through ST) release it has only been tested on 1.6ST. Directions for modified OSTicket v1.6ST will be similar but the line numbers may be different based on how you have modified your own implementation. These directions require that you already have a working implemtation of OSTickets v1.6ST.

OSTicket 1.6: Reporting Mod v4.2 has been released


Scottro and I just finished troubleshooting a problem with his Report Mod for OSTicket v1.6ST. And he will be posting a new update to his site shortly. If you need reporting capabilities for your implementation of OSTicket I urge you to check it out.

You can get his reporting mod at:

release notes:
This release fixes a problem with "Replies by Staff"
puts the missing icon back in to the distribution archive