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osTicket 1.8 Released!


Fresh off the presses a brand new osTicket 1.8! While its not entirely clear what's included and whats coming soon in the official announcement here's a brief summary:

  • custom forms! make your own fields and dropdowns for tickets based on the Help Topic!
  • Company information page. Company info is usable in email templates (#104, #134)
  • Admin panel now has inline help tips (#144)
  • System information page in admin panel useful for bug submission (#98)
  • Ticket list page is sorted by effective date (#161, #179)

BUG: osTicket 1.8rc2 upgrader clean up


If you're like me and want to play with the new osTicket 1.8rc2 you may encounter the following upgrade error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Upgrader::getPendingTask() 
in PATH\TO\scp\upgrade.php on line 38

I reported the bug this morning and the devs already patched and fixed it. If you use git simply do a "git pull" request and it will pull down the fix for you. Other wise re-download the latest 1.8 from github.

MOD: Staff CC ticket responses for osTicket 1.7ST


This mod is a partial update of the old 1.6ST Send reply to alternate/additional email address(es) by Scottro it has been updated for osTicket version 1.7ST. It adds a new text "CC" field to the Staff view ticket page. Here are instructions on what the steps are and how to do so:


circa line 143, locate: