osTicket 1.9.2 released

Earlier today the folks over at osticket.com released the latest version of the 1.9 series, specifically the stable 1.9.2.  You can get this version via github or at http://osticket.com/download.  It features a slew of enhancements, bug fixes, and security updates.  Here is a list of them:


  • Help topics have super powers (#974)

    • They can be arbitrarily nested

    • They can be manually sorted

    • Admins can select a system default help topic

    • They can inherit the form from a parent

  • Form data entered to custom forms is preserved when switching help topics

  • Update to Redactor 9.2.4 (http://imperavi.com/redactor/log/)

  • Using canned responses no longer requires [Append] click (#973)

  • Guests can sign out (#1000)

  • Filter by custom list item properties (#1024)

  • Time selection is based on admin configured time format (#1036)

  • (Optionally) clients can access tickets without clicking email link (#999)

  • Introduction of signals for mail filter plugins (#952)


  • Fix a few glitches on site page management (#986)

  • Fix saving department alert recipients (#985)

  • Fix assignment to account manager regardless of setting (#1013)

  • Fix dialog boxes on some PJAX navigations (#1034)

  • Help topics are properly sorted in FAQ management (#1035)

  • Fix MySQL commands out-of-sync triggered by the ORM (#1012)

  • Clients can follow email links from multiple tickets (#1001)

  • Workaround for PHP variable corruption issue (#917, #969)

  • All other improvements cited in v1.8.3

Performance and Security

  • Fix XSS vulnerability in phone number widget (#1025)

  • Fix several XSS vulnerabilities in client and staff interfaces (#1024, #1025)


You can read more about it at their blog post.  They additionally released maintance release for the 1.7 and 1.8 series which should fix some of the issues in those.