osTicket 1.8DPR Released

A new DPR (Developer Preview Release) is now available for osTicket 1.8 (Rumors). This is a preview release for developers and enthusiasts to see, help troubleshoot, and help test the upcoming release. It is not recommended for production environments and is not recommended for upgrading existing installations.

This release introduces two much requested features that will help continue to make osTicket one of the best open source ticket solutions available. They are Rich Text (HTML) Support and Custom Fields and Forms

Rich Text (HTML) Support

From tickets to FAQs to canned responses to email templates to well nearly every long answer box across the site you can now use rich text markup. Oh and inline images!

Custom Fields and Forms

Adds an interface for easy addition of different fields and types of fields to your tickets.

Why this is important: Many mods for past versions added additional fields to osTicket to help customize how the software works and fits into your organization. This adds a way for individuals to customize their installation with out modifying the core code. Which means that upgrades will be easier and faster for those who do field customization. This also indirectly introduces what I refer to as ticket types since Help Topics determine what fields get included on your ticket when its opened by the user.

You can download the DPR at github.

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