osTicket 1.8 Released!

Fresh off the presses a brand new osTicket 1.8! While its not entirely clear what's included and whats coming soon in the official announcement here's a brief summary:

  • custom forms! make your own fields and dropdowns for tickets based on the Help Topic!
  • Company information page. Company info is usable in email templates (#104, #134)
  • Admin panel now has inline help tips (#144)
  • System information page in admin panel useful for bug submission (#98)
  • Ticket list page is sorted by effective date (#161, #179)

Here is the official announcement.

We are pleased to announce the release of osTicket 1.8.0, the first stable release of the osTicket 1.8 series.

The osTicket dev team would like to proudly present the next major release of osTicket, v1.8, codename "Rumors". With it, we've freshened up the osticket.com site to include a much more modern look and feel and a blog. The new site is managed more easily than the previous one and we hope to keep your more informed of osTicket's features in upcoming posts. As previously rumored, the most notable additions include:

Rich Text Ticket Thread

As an option, enabled by default, osTicket can now process HTML email and allows for rich text markup in most long-answer boxes across the system, including staff replies and internal notes posted to the ticket thread. To keep the feature consistent throughout, canned responses and email templates also sport an HTML theme now.

Client Management

In the spirit of moving toward a customer-focused issue tracking system, osTicket now supports first-class users. That is, users defined in the system and associated with the ticket have the same information between all the tickets owned by the same user. Changing client’s email no longer requires editing each ticket individually.

You can also add custom fields to your clients and save any data you desire with each of your respective ticket’s users.

Custom Forms and Fields

The data collected from your users when they fill out the ticket form is now customizable. You can now ask any information relevant to your business practice, and can customize the type of input show from the user. Currently, short and long answer fields, drop-down lists, checkboxes, date and time, and phone number fields are available. Each field is configurable and can be setup according to your liking. Fields can also be marked as required, whose input is required to submit the ticket, and internal, whose input is not visible to the end user. Read more about custom fields on our blog

Company Information

The site settings has been renamed to “Company” and now has custom fields associateable. Those fields are now also available on your thank-you pages as well as email templates. Now you have one place to manage your company email, phone number, address, website, and more.

Internationalization Project

We’re listening to you! It’s taken some time to get going, but we are now in the beginning stages of adding multilingual support. We’re hoping to release osTicket 1.9 with fully translated language packs available. We’ve divided our translation effort into three phases and hope to roll the three phases into osTicket 1.8.1, 1.9 and 2.0 respectively. You can read more about the translation project on our blog.


If you are installing osTicket for the first time, then simply download osTicket v1.8.0 or clone the v1.8 GitHub repository and follow the installation guide on the wiki. If you are using an older version of osTicket, we highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version - please refer to the upgrade guide for complete instructions.

Please remember to utilize GitHub when reporting confirmed bugs. For general discussions, questions, feedback and comments - please use v1.8 section of the forum.

If you are using any of the preview releases made available via GitHub or osticket.com, please download and upgrade to the stable release.

The Rumors Continue ...

osTicket 1.8 “Rumors” has been tricky to stabilize. In addition to custom fields and forms and rich text throughout the system, we’ve also added a new forms API to accelerate managing HTML forms throughout the system as well as the start of an ORM which will help accelerate new features and finally pave the way to support for multiple database platforms. Many thanks to the users who have helped us work the bugs out the preview releases.

We’re working on the next preview release of osTicket, which will feature a plugin system and collaborator support. We will have pluggable staff authentication featuring LDAP and Microsoft® Active Directory support, as well as pass-through HTTP authentication. We are also working on a plugin for attachment storage so you’ll be able to store your attachments outside the database.

We’re most excited about collaborator (CC) support, which will allow sharing tickets will multiple users. Collaborators will be automatically added from the To and CC headers of received email and will also be manageable on the ticket-view page. Collaborators will be extended access to the client portal to view and add to the ticket's thread. Eventually, collaborators will have a "role" which will help determine what their responses mean to the ticket: new message, new reply, or new internal note.

Need Help?

If the thought of installing, upgrading or configuring osTicket make you shiver - then feel free to seek help in the forum or contact us for paid support.

See you soon! (and we mean real soon!)

osTicket Team

This is stable release and is intended for production enviornments. Please remember to report bugs at the 1.8 project at github.