is the hub of the Realms LARP in the greater New England USA region.

Realms: Adept Magic


Under CHOOSING SPELLS after the last bullet add the following:

  • An Adept Magic spell (see below).

Add the following text after the Regional Magic heading and two paragraphs.

Adept Magic

Similar to regional, Adept Magic can be taken any time a regional could be taken. Each learning of Adept Magic allows the spellcaster who takes it to swap it out for another spell 1 circle lower then the Adept Magic slot. This swap can only be done at check in / magic registration.

Realms Aid V


This year Realms Aid will be making a come back in the Realms Community! This just posted on realmsnet and on

Realms Aid V

Event starts at 11:00 AM, on Sunday September 15, 2013.
Event ends at 6:00 PM, on Sunday September 15, 2013.
Site opens at 10:00 am and closes at dusk
Place: Greely Park (big) - Nashua, NH.
Cost: $6 paid pre-reg, $10 at the door.
Pre-registration: None Required.

EHC 2012 Wrap up (Rule changes)


As many of you know every year the Realms has an Event Holder Council to go over the proposals for changing the rules. This year the meeting was in Nashua NH at the Welcoming Light, Inc training center at Harbor Homes, Inc's multi media function room at 45 High St. The meeting started on time at 11am and ran until about 7:30pm.

Proposal Idea: Paths -> Archetypes


Hey all,

I know that this is long, and verbose. But the concept I think is
pretty simple. And I'm looking for some feedback as to if you think
its REALMS or not.

So I've been thinking about different ways to structure spells (aka
classes) in Realms. And one of the things that occurred to me a while
back was that there is rarely ever a benefit for being a specific
class of healer beyond the "You don't have to pay buy down costs for
these spells". Why is that exactly? I don't really have an answer for
that beyond because that's the way the system was written. Can we