a general event, such as getting a new car or motorcycle. a new job. a new apartment. etc.

Osticket 1.7ST (Desoto) released!


Osticket 1.7ST (Desoto) released!

Today marks the 1.7 Stable release of the much anticipated [by the community] widely used open source trouble ticket system known as osTicket. This is the first stable release in just over three years, and was preceded by 4 DPR (Developer Preview Releases), and 6 RC (release candidates).

NEWS: OSTicket 1.7 RC6 released


As I predicted a couple days ago on the osTicket forums, just minutes ago osTicket 1.7 RC6 was released. This release candidate addresses many bugs that were reported from previous released as well as a host of [unnamed] enhancements and improvements. Although Peter said that RC5 was likely to be the last RC nearly 3 weeks ago we hope this will be the last RC release before the long awaited stable.

Unwritten (Graphic Novels) a recommendation

Unwritten Vol 1 CoverUnwritten Vol 1 Cover
Vol 1
Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Amazon containing Unwritten volumes 1 through 4. Strangely enough this is the first time that I have ever ordered something that Amazon has suggested for me, and DAMN I am so glad that I did! The basic premise of where the story starts can be summarized as: "If J.K. Rowling has a son named Harry, and wrote her now uber famous books Harry Potter books using his likeness, and then disappeared mysteriously.... what would come next?". Although the Harry Potter analogy seemingly fits in an interview with the author Mike Carey (published over at scifipulse.net) he is quoted as saying:

Disney buys Lucas Films and Star Wars!


Are you serious? Why yes I am. Not only is Lucas selling Lucasfilm Ltd AND Star Wars to Disney, but the article also specifically mentions a new Star Wars movie to be released in 2015.

Here are a few quotes:
"STAR WARS: EPISODE 7 feature film targeted for release in 2015."

"$4.05 billion, with Disney paying approximately half of the consideration in cash and issuing approximately 40 million shares at closing."

Avengers at Cinemagic today at 2:30pm


Marvel's The Avengers at 2:30pm, the afternoon of Sat, Jun. 2nd at Cinemagic in Merrimack NH. Come join Irate Pirate, Seema Littleoff, Pirate Daughter (aka Mikay), Pirate Daughter Boyfriend (aka Nos), and I!

Tournaments of Creathorne 19!


This is what I will be doing this weekend. And for the first time in 12 year, I'm going to play!

TOC 19
Where is Vault 13?
May 25, 2012 - May 28, 2012

Event starts at 12:00 PM, on Friday May 25, 2012.
Event ends at 12:00 PM, on Monday May 28, 2012.
Site opens at 11am Friday and closes at 6pm Monday.

Place: Little Creathorne Farm - Grafton, NH.
Cost: $30 at the door..$5 off the door for 30 gold. (paid pre-reg is the only pre-reg).
Pre-registration: Send Money, and Magic Prereg.


Andrew V. Disbrow -- oquinnlin@hotmail.com

To do list


Recently my TODO list has been getting out of control. This is perhaps partially due to work situations [like my boss being out on vacation last week, and in the hospital the week before], but I finally got a few things accomplished. Here are some of the things that I got done recently:

    [X] Buy Motorcycle (aka get loan)
    [X] Pay for Motorcycle
    [X] Get insurance for Motorcycle
    [X] Register Motorcycle and get Vanity Plates
    [X] Study for written Motorcycle test for permit
    [X] Get Learners Permit