a general event, such as getting a new car or motorcycle. a new job. a new apartment. etc.

Reflections of the weekend


I sit ten thousand feet above the earth in a coffin made of steel and plastic, hurtling through the air at a velocity I have a hard time fathoming. But it is not my location to which my mind wanders, but the events oft he past few days. I flew to Louisiana to meet with the creator and lead dev Peter of the Open Source project called osTicket, and his protege and fellow developer Jared. We spent two days talking and brainstorming and breathing all things osTicket.

osTicket 1.7.1RC1 released!


As promised last week, yesterday afternoon osTicket 1.7.1-RC1 was released. This is a release candidate for developer and enthusiasts to try out before 1.7.1ST is released. This release is not recommended for production enviornments! I've been informed that since this is a incremental update that the release cycle will be short as they continue to push towards the 1.8 release.

There are a slew of bug fixes as well as new features and expanding of current features:

FOR SALE: 2007 Suzuki s83 Boulevard w/ 4444 miles -- $4500


Last year I purchased this motorcycle from a close friend. She and her husband sold both their bikes around the time. Here is is a little over a year later, and I've purchased myself a new [to me] bike so I no longer need this one. I'm not aware of this bike having any issues at all. It was registered and inspected this year, and currently being stored at my mothers house in her garage. If you are interested in buying her you know how to contact me!

osTicket FAQ updated today


Today I updated the osTicket Frequently asked Questions for 1.7ST. This is the third update since I originally posted it. Today's update includes answers to the following questions:

Q: how do I reset the Staff panel -> Dashboard Statistics page?

Q: how do I increase the maximum file upload size?

You can access the FAQ on the left in the osTicket menu or here HELP: Frequently Asked Questions about osTicket 1.7ST

Realms: Blackwood Tournaments II


Blackwood Tournaments II

Blackwood Independence Day
6:00 PM Friday July 5, 2013 - 4:00 PM Sunday July 7, 2013
Site Opens at 4:00pm and Closes at 5:00pm

Place: Creathorne Farm -- Grafton, NH
Cost: $25 at the door, $10 a day for single days.
Pre-Registration: (Suggested)

Event Holder(s):
Ally Cunningham
Keith Cronyn
Neil S. Tozier