MOD: Staff CC ticket responses for osTicket 1.7ST


This mod is a partial update of the old 1.6ST Send reply to alternate/additional email address(es) by Scottro it has been updated for osTicket version 1.7ST. It adds a new text "CC" field to the Staff view ticket page. Here are instructions on what the steps are and how to do so:


circa line 143, locate:

MOD: Pending - Autoclose for osTicket 1.7ST


This mod is an update of the old 1.6ST Pending Status and Autoclose mod for osTicket version 1.7ST. It adds a new "Pending" status that can be used on tickets, it also adds an autoclose feature for tickets that are left in pending for more then 5 days. Here are instructions on what the steps are and how to do so:

version: 1.7.b


  • 1. Install the additional files
  • 2. Update the database
  • 3. Editing the files
  • 4. Customizing the Mod

MOD: New Bootstrap Theme for osTicket


This theme mod was written by community member and forum user fantasypc and was available for download on the osTicket forums. However the users site was hacked, and the download is no longer available. Since there has been some forum posted interest in the package. I've added it here for the community to be able to continue to download it. Sadly he did not include the screen shots in the archive so I couldn't add them here, and I do not use the mod so I cannot take my own.


osTicket FAQ updated today


Today I updated the osTicket Frequently asked Questions for 1.7ST. This is the third update since I originally posted it. Today's update includes answers to the following questions:

Q: how do I reset the Staff panel -> Dashboard Statistics page?

Q: how do I increase the maximum file upload size?

You can access the FAQ on the left in the osTicket menu or here HELP: Frequently Asked Questions about osTicket 1.7ST

Realms: Blackwood Tournaments II


Blackwood Tournaments II

Blackwood Independence Day
6:00 PM Friday July 5, 2013 - 4:00 PM Sunday July 7, 2013
Site Opens at 4:00pm and Closes at 5:00pm

Place: Creathorne Farm -- Grafton, NH
Cost: $25 at the door, $10 a day for single days.
Pre-Registration: (Suggested)

Event Holder(s):
Ally Cunningham
Keith Cronyn
Neil S. Tozier

Searching Gmail for attachments, date ranges and more


So if you're like me you generally keep way too much email in your gmail account. Usually it's a good thing when your looking for that email from two years ago that you sent to your friend with a file attachment that you suddenly want to find again. This got me to thinking that perhaps I should make a collection of the gmail search features that I use fairly regularly and put them into one place, because maybe someone else will find it helpful.