and todays qoute..

And this evenings culmination of Denny's excitement;

unknown person says "chipmunk63084! Who's a pretty pretty princess?"

chipmunk63084 responds "nuitaran! nuitaran is a pretty pretty princess!"

nuitaran responds by blushing and covering his face with his hand.

Well good night all... time to go cuddle with the little woman. :)

for a change

So I was being silly, and made my xmas list online this year...

Some how i just don't think the family will enjoy the effort put forth to actually make a xmas list for a change. *evil grin*

update [05/02/2012]: link to wishlist removed since I apparently removed the file at some point.


Happy Turkey Day everyone!!! Hope all of you have turkeytastic goodness, or whatever else it takes for you to have a great turkey day.


As some of you may have heard the nt4 srever that nhstar worked on for on of his clients got rooted.
So we looked around and

Session Start: Mon Nov 24 23:33:36 2003
Session Ident: Bellman
* Logging Bellman to 'logs\Bellman..log'
-Azzn> so how did you get this lovely little bot onto my server?
-Bellman> do what?
-Azzn> You did a god job of breaking my srever, just wanted to know how you got in :)
-Bellman> what?
-Azzn> the bot on my nt server. has bellman in it, and the ip for this irc srever, and the channel that i joined
-Bellman> which bot?
-Azzn> lemme check think its h.exe