can't wake up

So I get to work last night, and pretty much the first thing anyone says to me... "Someone died tonight outisde"

So yes someone did indeed die last night at work. I shouldnt really go into specifics, but he was 57 had several heart attacks in his past, a triple bypass surgery not too long ago, and smoked a pack a day. He was a nice guy. Or so people keep telling me. There was a rumor circulating that the defib batteries were dead. Its not true. Friend of mine was the first on the scene from the response team.

Someone else apparently bled all over the bathroom, Haven't heard the why or how yet. Don't think I want to know. Death in the work place is enough with out worrying about a little bleeding i guess.

rambling on 12-14-2004

Yesterday was kinda neat...

Went to the Mall to do some xmas shopping. Got most of it covered now. Ran into an old friend from jr high/high school Jeff Sawyer. We stood and talked in the middle of the Mall for a while. Ran into Mosh and his sister also. Didnt see the people I usually see working there, but did run into Acacia.

Came home and watched Time Line w/ Matronsinafay. Was pretty good. (Although she complained in her LJ about me keeping her awake. heh.)

and in other news...

Happy Turkey Day!

If you havent yet, you should definately go out and support the slaughter if incocent little turkeys. I mean after all Turkeys and Thanksgiving ™ go hand in hand right? (sarc)

Hope you all have a good day and spend it with whom you want to... :) Personally I have to work tonight. Imagine that the US postal Service working on turkey day. Damn communists. :)

and the sage continues...

Just got home from a job interview that was very promising. It doesn't look like they will be filling the position that I applied for until the beginning of the next fiscal quarter (aka Jan 1st 2005). However, I was left with that feel good vibe from the interview. Perhaps the job front will finally turn around.

On the bad news front, the state rejected the company name i filed with them. Seems that someone else has the name Black Wolf Gaming, and its too close to Blackwolf Gaming for the state. eBay selling has been pretty good, over $1500 in the past 45 days, and more things on the auction block.

new job, etc...

Things feel like they have been super busy recently.

I got to be door bitch at Emergence ( for two weeks.. had to stop because

I started a new job on Oct 30th. Im working at a temporary Season position for the United State Post office. If you need a job, and can pass a piss test, by all mean they are looking for a lot more help the xmas. (Contact me I can give you more information etc.) Its definately not hard work, but I swear every time I walk in the door my IQ drops another 10 points. Pay is pretty decent too. :)
Only real draw back is that its at night. (I work 7pm - 330am.)

update on being home...

Well we're home! We've discussed it with some people, and decided that we should have a mini-reception for friends. So here is the info;

What: Wedding Reception
Where: Garbos Household
When: Wednesday October 13th 2004 starting around 6pmish

What to bring: Food stuffs for a potluck dinner. If your curious as to wether or not your doubling up on something feel free to contact to coordinate food items.

We are planning on exchanging vows again early next spring/summer so that we can invite some friends, so dont feel like you have to bring gifts and crap.