What makes a happy tmib?

  • sleeping in late
  • 1 hour job interview that I got to 25 min early
  • 3.5 hours or playing with Legos
  • Yummy Thai goodness w/ Dad, Sis, and matronsinafay at Thon Khao for our B-Day(s).
  • Getting money for said B-Day and using said money for rent.
  • Getting paid for 2 hours for something that took 15 minutes and 42 keystrokes to do.
  • going to watch Bab5 w/ matronsinafay

    Such a lovely productive day... :)

    See you in the funny pages.

  • automobiles and jobs...

    Just got the car out of the shop... $888 later. Yay I'm mobile again!! Of course I'm broke. More then broke. If anyone is working for a company that needs any sort of customer service and/or IT support and/or SysAdmin work please let me know asap. I'm really sick of pouring thru monster.com, dice.com and all the other job sites.

    Went to the Monarchs game last night w/ matronsinafay, nateverlast, and blkw1d. Was a lot of fun. They creamed Conn. Lots of fights! yay.

    I'm putting together a mini Millenium Falcon that blkw1d and the1andonlyerg got me for my bday.


    Birka was fun. :)

    Maybe next year I will actually have some money to spend. See you all there next year. Chances are I will be on staff again.

    oh my

    Aquarius (Jan. 21st-Feb. 18th)
    No good can come of secret affairs. And you know what? We're not going to get tired of saying that until you guys start paying attention and actually applying the concept to your love lives. Got that? And until then, you'll get the same-old, lame-o horoscope every single week, and you'll like it.

    company xmas party, etc.

    Tonight was matronsinafay company xmas party. Got to meet a lot of the people that she had been talking about since she started the job. Lots of drunken antics from all kinds of strangers. Was interest and oddly enough more fun then i was expecting. Here's to wishing I got to be one fo the drunk ones.

    Spoke with a friend who was in a bad mood tonight... and another one who was in a bad mood earlier today... tried to help both of them, and right now it feels like I failed entirely. Seems that a lot of people having issues as winter sets in. Car, job, love life, whatever... all three. Personally, for me its two out of three. *starts singing two out of three aint bad*. My car is having major issues again, and isnt safe to drive. And once the PMPC gig is up, I'm back to part time crap again.