I spent some time collating various different pieces of information on the Next Gen game consoles...

Some up and coming video gaming stuffs;

of Revoluion, PS3, XBox2 and Zelda

Nintendo Revolution (expected in 2006) expected consumer price range: $200 - $300

  • graphics chip set from ATI code-named "Hollywood,"
  • a processing chip developed with IBM and code-named "Broadway,"
  • able to run games originally made for the GameCube.
  • will come with wi-fi connectivity built-in.

    Sources: http://www.nintendo.com

    Playstation3 (expected in 2006) expected consumer price range: $300 - $500

  • Observations, poisons, quandaries, ramblings, and sashay

    As many of you have noticed by now, I haven't had a lot of money recently. Some of you have helped out, some of you haven't. I'm still doing very part time work for two different companies. Yes, I am still looking for something full time. I have been selling things on eBay, worked temp at the Post Office, helped friends move offices, etc.

    Some of the things that I haven't done followed by simple observations;

  • borrow money from other people. (Although, some may argue this point since i currently owe my "landlords" a decent chunk of change.) There are quite a few people in this world that owe me money from over the years. You want to impress me? Pay me back, thanks. The amount(s) owed to me well exceed my current level of debt. Some of it boils down to I kept a room over your heads. Some of it dates back to my house in Hollis. Some of it is as recent as my Apt in Nashua. You all know who you are, but it's come down to keeping a roof over my head and eating.
  • craptastic microsloth annoyances (part 2) - More on SP2

    As a side note, IE now has a built in PopUp Blocker (yay?). Lots of people have reported that they are no longer capable of running windowsupdate since installing SP2. Here's how you fix it;

    1.In Internet Explorer, choose Tools -> Pop-up Blocker -> Pop-up Blocker Settings.

    2. In the box next to "Address of Web site to allow," type http://v5.windowsupdate.microsoft.com and click on Add, as you can see in the figure below

    I didnt have to do this on Matronsinafay's machine. But I did have to do it on my test box. Hopefully this will be the last annoying post of the day!

    craptastic microsloth annoyances (part 1)

    Have you installed craptastic Service Pack 2 (SP2) on your XP box? If you have you'll note that microsoft once again has littered it with some (not so) useful new features. Having recently installed it on matronsinafay's comp after a complete rebuild she was quickly annoyed by the pop up bubbles saying her computer was insecure. (Note: I also threw it on one of my test machines and found that she was right it is bloody annoying.) Here's how you shut the damn notification off.

    1. Click Start and then click Control Panel.

    2. Double-click Security Center.

    go vote

    Ok all, I have a friend thats going for the miss man town (WAAF) calender. Here's what you do to support her!

    107.3 waaf.com site

    Find her!

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    View all her pics. Do not view any of the ones from the other two girls on the same line as her. :)

    Thanks ahead of time.

    ps yes she's single. :)

    yesterday and today in a nutshell

    Tuesday - Boston for free preview showing of Constantine (Thanks cantbeacat!)

    Wednesday - Job interview in Waltham. It went well, hope i get it. Should start round two of interviews soonish. (This was interview 3, 4, and 5 with them. The first two were over the phone.)

    Dennys with matronsinafay and blkw1d. Some friends I hadnt seen in a while showed up. Als T the reg thursday night M:tG player.

    Bab5 (Season 3 - Episode 4) with matronsinafay yay!