osTicket and 1.7.5 released (and 1.8.1 DPR)!


Earlier tonight the osTicket developers announced that the current branch of osTicket 1.8 has it's newest child with the release of  This version features several new enhancements and a bunch of bug fixes. In this same announcement they release a bug patch for the 1.7 tree (1.7.5) which fixes some bugs. Then in almost the same breath they announced the Developer Preview Release (DPR) of the much anticipated 1.8.1! 

Realms: Adept Magic


Under CHOOSING SPELLS after the last bullet add the following:

  • An Adept Magic spell (see below).

Add the following text after the Regional Magic heading and two paragraphs.

Adept Magic

Similar to regional, Adept Magic can be taken any time a regional could be taken. Each learning of Adept Magic allows the spellcaster who takes it to swap it out for another spell 1 circle lower then the Adept Magic slot. This swap can only be done at check in / magic registration.

Add a client side open ticket list to osTicket 1.8

This article was updated on 21 Feb 2014
This mod still works on the new version 1.8.1ST

Earlier this year when 1.7 was released I updated an article to add a client side open ticket list. The article that your reading now is yet another updated version to work with the new 1.8 (it's also been tested under release.

osTicket 1.8.x Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This article was updated on 06 Mar 2014

Frequently many of the questions on the osTicket forums are duplicated. As much as I wish people would use the search feature it seems that most people would rather ask their question than actively look for the answer. So I've tried to compile a small list of things that people have either frequently asked, or I think they simply might want to do.

osTicket 1.8 Released!


Fresh off the presses a brand new osTicket 1.8! While its not entirely clear what's included and whats coming soon in the official announcement here's a brief summary:

  • custom forms! make your own fields and dropdowns for tickets based on the Help Topic!
  • Company information page. Company info is usable in email templates (#104, #134)
  • Admin panel now has inline help tips (#144)
  • System information page in admin panel useful for bug submission (#98)
  • Ticket list page is sorted by effective date (#161, #179)

BUG: osTicket 1.8rc2 upgrader clean up


If you're like me and want to play with the new osTicket 1.8rc2 you may encounter the following upgrade error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Upgrader::getPendingTask() 
in PATH\TO\scp\upgrade.php on line 38

I reported the bug this morning and the devs already patched and fixed it. If you use git simply do a "git pull" request and it will pull down the fix for you. Other wise re-download the latest 1.8 from github.