osTicket 1.8.x Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This article was updated on 06 Mar 2014

Frequently many of the questions on the osTicket forums are duplicated. As much as I wish people would use the search feature it seems that most people would rather ask their question than actively look for the answer. So I've tried to compile a small list of things that people have either frequently asked, or I think they simply might want to do.

osTicket 1.8 Released!


Fresh off the presses a brand new osTicket 1.8! While its not entirely clear what's included and whats coming soon in the official announcement here's a brief summary:

  • custom forms! make your own fields and dropdowns for tickets based on the Help Topic!
  • Company information page. Company info is usable in email templates (#104, #134)
  • Admin panel now has inline help tips (#144)
  • System information page in admin panel useful for bug submission (#98)
  • Ticket list page is sorted by effective date (#161, #179)

BUG: osTicket 1.8rc2 upgrader clean up


If you're like me and want to play with the new osTicket 1.8rc2 you may encounter the following upgrade error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Upgrader::getPendingTask() 
in PATH\TO\scp\upgrade.php on line 38

I reported the bug this morning and the devs already patched and fixed it. If you use git simply do a "git pull" request and it will pull down the fix for you. Other wise re-download the latest 1.8 from github.

Corporate Responsibility for Safety


Written by Angel Darkenna

(This was origianlly posted by Angel Darkenna on Facebook and reposted here with permission)


I have seen these comments, or ones like them, over and over again this week:"Bear knew he broke the rules and even tho I agree with him you can't have armed people in the workplace."