NEWS: OSTicket 1.7 RC5 released

Some how in the flurry of the last few days I managed to miss that osTicket 1.7RC-5 was released on the 19th. Peter (dev) also states that they expect to ship 1.7 ST within 2 weeks.

OSTicket is a popular [free] open source help desk software or trouble ticketing system built on MySQL/PHP. It allows users or clients to open a ticket and describe the problem that they are experiencing so that your staff can track and update their trouble ticket easily and send out notifications with each update. It can also be used to monitor email accounts and automatically open new tickets when email arrives.

You can get the latest RC version over at Github. As a reminder this version is for developers and enthusiasts only and should never be used for a production environment.

source: Forums

Translating osTicket into your native language. [Part 1]

UPDATE 3/18/2013: Peter has announce that 1.8 will have language support.

The great thing about open source programs is that you are free to modify the source how ever you want. This means that if a project is released in English and its not your native language you can change it. This series of articles is not an exhaustive list of every single little change that you would need to do, but it should cover a LOT or most of the changes to translate osTicket 1.7rc4 into your native language. This guide should be updated once 1.7ST is released.

This section of the guide is not very technical and does not require any PHP or MySQL skills to complete. Later sections will require these skills at a novice to intermediate level. For the most completely translated site you will need to complete all three parts.

Let’s start with the easy stuff first. The easy stuff can be summed up easily by saying all the things that we can change inside the osTicket framework without actually editing the source.

Log into osTicket as an admin user.

Once you are logged in you should mouse over “Knowledgebase” and select “Canned Responses”. Canned responses are for storing responses that you will use often. Things like “Your password reset request has been processed, your new password is Foo, please change it immediately” You can edit existing responses or Add new ones. The other section in this area is FAQs. As of version 1.7rc4 there does not appear to be a way to add FAQs to the system. I believe that this feature will be finished when 1.7ST is released. Let’s move to the next step.

In the upper right click on “Admin panel”. This automatically puts us in the “Settings” tab. Make sure that you have set “Helpdesk Name/Title:”.

Mouse over or click on the “Manage” tab. This puts us into the “Help Topics” sub menu. These are displayed to the client when they open a new ticket. You should configure these however you see fit. Simply name them or edit the existing ones to translate them.

Next we’re going to modify the email templates because every email that osTicket sends out uses the template system. Click on the “Emails” tab or mouse over the “Emails” tab and select “Email Templates”. You should have an option named (or similar to) “osTicket Default Template (system default)”. Rather than edit that template, lets leave it alone for now and create a new one.

Click on “Add New Template”.

You will see a screen that looks like this:

Do the following:

  1. fill in “Name”. I recommend that you use the name of the language that you are planning on translating to.
  2. select “Status” of “active”.
  3. Language only has one option currently “English (US)” select that. I imagine that there are plans to extend this later and that really its a placeholder.
  4. under “Template To Clone” select your default [mine is “osTicket Default Template”.]
  5. You can leave “Admin Notes” blank, or write something in it if you want.

This will take you back to the “Email Templates” page, and you should see a green bar saying “Template added successfully”. Your template name should be in the list now. Click on the name of your template. This will take you to your template where you can select one after the other each template and translate them into your desired language. Translate each one, and click Save Changes. Anything starting with a % is a template variable and does not need to be translated. There are a number of variables that you can add into your templates. Here is a complete list:

Ticket Variables
Please note that non-base variables depends on the context of use.
Base Variables

%id   Ticket ID (internal ID)
%ticket   Ticket number (external ID)
%email   Email address
%name   Full name
%subject   Subject
%topic   Help topic (web only)
%phone   Phone number | ext
%status   Status
%priority   Priority
%dept   Department
%assigned   Assigned staff or team (if any)
%createdate   Date created
%duedate   Due date
%closedate   Date closed

Other Variables

%message   Message (incoming)
%response   Response (outgoing)
%note   Internal/transfer note
%staff   Staff’s name (alert/notices)
%assignee   Assigned staff
%assigner   Staff assigning the ticket
%url   osTicket’s base url (FQDN)

Next click on the “Staff” tab. There are three sub menus here that we will need to go into and translate the entries in. They are “Teams”, “Groups”, and “Departments”.

  • Select the “Teams” sub menu. If you plan on utilizing “Teams” you can rename the existing team name as well as add your own.
  • Select the “Groups” sub menu. Here you can rename the existing groups, as well as add new ones.
  • Lastly click on the “Departments” tab. Here you will be able to rename the existing departments, or create new ones.

This ends part of this guide. In the next installment we will focus on translating the client side of osTicket. The client side is what your customers will see.

Unwritten (Graphic Novels) a recommendation

Unwritten Vol 1 CoverUnwritten Vol 1 Cover
Vol 1
Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Amazon containing Unwritten volumes 1 through 4. Strangely enough this is the first time that I have ever ordered something that Amazon has suggested for me, and DAMN I am so glad that I did! The basic premise of where the story starts can be summarized as: “If J.K. Rowling has a son named Harry, and wrote her now uber famous books Harry Potter books using his likeness, and then disappeared mysteriously…. what would come next?”. Although the Harry Potter analogy seemingly fits in an interview with the author Mike Carey (published over at he is quoted as saying:
Continue reading “Unwritten (Graphic Novels) a recommendation”

Upgrading from XBMC 11 (eden) to XBMC 12 (frodo) on XBMCBuntu

With XBMC 12 (Frodo) being released January 29th it was time to think about upgrading my HTPC. Since it’s been a little over the a week since its release I figured if there were any show stoppers I would have read about them over at the XBMC forums, so I figured last night that it was time.

As with any serious upgrade you should always take back ups first. So I utilized rsync to create a back up of my boot drive just in case. Here’s what I did:

rsync -av / /path/to/backupdir --exclude "/path/to/media"

Obviously if you are going to do this you should personalize it for your machine. I didn’t want to backup my media files so the exclude makes sure that doesn’t happen. Once that’s done its time to upgrade. I wanted to make sure that everything was current before I upgraded XMBC so I ran the following:

sudo apt-get update

Next I ran the following command.

sudo apt-get upgrade-dist

About 10 minutes later the whole machine was done upgrading including XBMC. So I rebooted to make sure that it would still boot, and viola XBMC 12!

The first thing that I noticed was a pop up error saying “Error: script failed:”. To get rid of this error delete the script. It has been replace in Frodo by skin.widgets.

The script is the script.randomitems folder and while I haven’t deleted yet here’s where it is if you want to.

Under Windows 7:

Go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons

Under XBMCBuntu (and other Linux distros):


Lastly I should note that if you are using the AEON skin like I do you will encounter this error.

Next is that navigation no longer made noise. Well if navigation noises don’t work I should try playing something so I went into TV Shows it told me that my art needed to be updated and that it would not require any downloading. It should prompt you with a Yes/No to do it now. I chose to do it now. Trying to fire up an Episode was also soundless. To fix this I had to go into System -> System -> Audio Output, scroll down and play with my Audio output Device and Passthrough output Device. You may need to do the same.

Now to get caught up on CSI right? Well sadly no. While watching a video I decided to fire up my web-browser and connect to XBMC wouldn’t you know it, connection timed out. So I went to the box and opened a terminal and ran ifconfig. Huh eth0 isn’t there. Next step I ran:

lshw -C network

The very first line read “*-network UNCLAIMED”. That tells me that the driver isn’t being loaded right and it isn’t claiming the device. Funny thing about the ASUS P8H77-V, it has an Atheros ethernet controller. Ubuntu as well as XBMCBuntu does not have the driver for it, so you have to jump through some hoops. I’m pretty sure that it is actually an AR8161, but I’m not totally sure. Either way though there is an excellent site that covers detailed instructions on how to get it working. The short version is to the compat-wireless drivers. Luckily I still had the package I downloaded last time. Here is a link to where I downloaded the version that I already had 2012-03-12-p. You may want to try a more current version, but this one worked for me in the past.

The article that pointed me in this direction is linked below in case you don’t know how to compile a driver and install it.

AR8161 ethernet using compat-wireless

Hopefully you do not run into the same problems that I did upgrading, but if you do maybe this article will help you figure it out. Good luck!

UPDATE: After writing this I received a pop up notification that read: “Random Items script: Add-on has been marked as broken in the repository. Would you like to disable it on your system? Yes/No”. I selected Yes, and hopefully that means the next time that I start XBMC the error will be gone.

Netflix on XBMCBuntu (Using Wine)

I wrote this awhile ago and forgot to post it. So even though XBMC 12 (Frodo) was released a few days ago I figured that I should finally post it

One of the things that I’ve wanted my HTPC to be able to do for about a year now is run Netflix. Since I’m running Linux (specifically XBMCBuntu) this was really a pipe dream unless I wanted to setup a virtual machine to run it under. Since my boxes hardware is fairly low end with out a dedicated video card I didn’t think that it was much of an option. Then I happened across a blog posting with a ppa for netflix. Victory at last! Here’s the instructions to get netflix running under wine on XBMCBuntu. Enjoy.

Step 1

A. Go to your desktop. I do this by quitting out of XBMC and then logging into XBMCBuntu at the login prompt.

B. Open a command prompt and Run the following commands.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop

C. run netflix-desktop now.

The reason that you are running this after installing it is that it will need to download and install a few additional packages. Once it’s finished log in with your Netflix account, and test playing something. Once your done quit out of netflix by clicking on the big white x in the circle in the upper right. If you dont see it there, thats ok, moving the mouse there will make it appear.

D. Before we close the terminal window we have one more thing to do. In your homedir create a file called “” and paste the following into it:


# turn off screensaver/screenblank
xset s off

# turn off dpms
xset -dpms

# run netflix

# turn on dpms
xset +dpms

# turn on screensaver/screenblank
xset s on

Step 2

A. Log back into XBMC or start XBMC from the start menu.

B. Navigate to Programs, and install Advanced Launcher.

C. Configure Advanced Launcher.

  • Navigate to Programs.
  • Open Advanced Launcher.
  • Open the context menu. (by hitting c)
  • Select Create New Launcher.
  • Select Stand Alone.
  • Select Home Folder.
  • Select the that we created in the last step.
  • Backspace “%ROM%” and click done.
  • The name should already be netflix, so either rename it or click done.
  • Select the platform. It’s my understanding that this shouldn’t matter. I personally selected Linux.
  • click ok. Alternatively you can pick the select the thumb nail path which is what your expected to do.
  • click ok. Alternatively you can pick the select the fan art path which is what your expected to do.

Next highlight the new Netflix entry that you just made and do the following:

  • open the context menu (by hitting C)
  • Select edit launcher
  • Select Advances Modifications
  • Select Toggle XBMC into Windows Mode and enable it.

Step 3

Next we want to add a menu option to XBMC so we don’t have to drill down as much.

  • Add Advanced Launcher to Favorites
  • Go into “Settings” / “Skin” / “Shortcuts/Backdrops”
  • Select “Favorite #”, then “Add Favorite” and select “Advanced Launcher”
  • Activate

source 1:
source 2:
source 3:

*** Updated on 03/06/2013 ***
added step 1 part D, and expanded upon step 2 part C

Realms 2013 Spell Table

The Realms spell table this year only changed two things. Spells that were moved, or are new are in red below.

EHC 2012 Wrap up (Rule changes)

As many of you know every year the Realms has an Event Holder Council to go over the proposals for changing the rules. This year the meeting was in Nashua NH at the Welcoming Light, Inc training center at Harbor Homes, Inc’s multi media function room at 45 High St. The meeting started on time at 11am and ran until about 7:30pm.

This article contains the proposals that made a majority with a two-thirds majority of yes over no votes. A shorter summarized version was written by Jason Gray and posted on Facebook at:

Cheating addition:

Eventholders who want to bring formal charges should report them to the Event Holders’ Council organizers. The organizers will present the charges at the Event Holders Council meeting.

Change to rule 2:

Change To:
2. This is a sport of personal honor; treat it as such. You are responsible for keeping track of many aspects of this game, such as weapon blows and known spells. Failure to report or accurately respond to any of these aspects is cheating, and a stain on your personal honor. If you are caught cheating, a marshal may remove you from part or all of the event.

Arrow changes:

Being struck with any portion of the foam area (not including fetching and nocks) of the Arrow will cause damage.

All projectile weapons, with the exception of arrows and javelins, are live and inflict damage on any target they hit until they come to rest; regardless of whether they hit the ground, a wall, a weapon, a tree or any other obstacle along the way. In the case of arrows and javelins, an arrow or javelin is considered live and is able to inflict damage until it comes into contact with the ground. If an arrow or javelin hits you after it comes into contact with the ground it does no damage and you should not take it. It is the responsibility of the player wielding the bow or javelin to tell you not to take the blow.

Bamboo okay for 6’6″

● Bamboo may be used in place of PVC pipe for non thrust-only, melee weapons 6’6″ in length or shorter. Tubing should measure approximately ¾” in diameter.

Calling armor when dead

Add this sentence to the end of Calling Hits under Combat Etiquette:
Armor must always be called, even when a player is dead.

Impale rule change

Change To:

Impaling is the act of holding a weapon in an opponent’s kill location after death, and saying the word, “Impale”. It counts as continuous, non-scalping blows to that location. The act of impaling will bypass any armor, damaged or not. While impaled, a character cannot be raised or animated and is unable to regenerate.The results can vary when impaling NPCs.

Also, in the Regeneration caveat:

Impaling causes regeneration to stop, and the count resets once the weapon is removed.

Change To:
Impaling stops regeneration; the count resets when the weapon is removed.

Boulder changes

move to under “combat calls”

Boulders: A boulder is often represented by throwing large duct-taped chunks of foam or beanbag chairs with the zippers duct-taped over. When thrown, the boulder is active until it comes completely to rest. While active, boulders convey damage in the following manner: they kill any PC whose body or equipment they touch. They destroy all armor over any locations they touch. Magical items they touch are disenchanted. Non-enchanted weapons, bows, shields, and non-monetary stealable items they touch are “broken.” It is the player’s responsibility to see that items damaged this way are not used until the appropriate repair spells are cast upon them. PCs may not throw or pick up boulders. Four or more PCs, each using both hands, may work together to “push” a boulder along, to free trapped gear and companions, but not to cause damage.

Squishy tips for Great Weapons

Changed To:
Weapons over 5’ must be made out of PVC pipe labeled 1”. These weapons must have thrusting tips that are at least 2 ¼” long as well as squishy-foam tips on top of the thrusting tips. The squishy-foam tip of a weapon greater than 5′ must be at least 2”.

Calling hits

Changed To:
Calling Hits: It is your responsibility to call where you were hit in combat. This is to let the other participant(s) and the marshals know that they hit you and where they hit you. Calling armor, protections and other effects is also your responsibility.

How characters are scalped

Changed To:
In order to scalp a body, you must strike 200 blows with a weapon beside the body of the character being scalped.

Rules are rules

Under “Cheating”
2nd paragraph

However, if a major rule is broken, or if there are repeated small infractions, an Event Holder may impose consequences on any player(s) at their event.

Change To:
However, if a rule is broken, or if there are repeated infractions, an Event Holder may impose consequences on any player(s) at their event.

Also in last paragraph of the Cheating section.

Repeated or major rule violations may result in formal charges being brought against a player at the Event Holders Council for the purpose of disciplinary action.

Change To:
Repeated rule violations may result in formal charges being brought against a player at the Event Holders Council for the purpose of disciplinary action.

BMEESK: Raise Dead

Raise Dead: This spell raises a character. This spell will not work if there is a weapon within 10 feet of the spellcaster. Inform a spellcaster the spell has failed if you know about a weapon near enough to disrupt the spell.

Changed To:
Raise Dead: This spell raises a character. This spell will not work if there is a weapon within 10 feet of the spellcaster. Inform a spellcaster the spell has failed if you know about a weapon near enough to disrupt the spell. A bow is not considered a weapon, but the arrows are considered weapons.

BMEESK: Necromancy

Certain spells make your character “undead” for their duration. While undead, your character cannot cross a Circle of Protection (represented by a circle of rope on the ground), or advance within 5 feet of someone casting Ward: Undead or Ward: Enchanted Beings.

Changed To:
Certain spells make your character “undead” for their duration. While undead, your character cannot cross a Circle of Protection other than one he created himself (represented by a circle of rope on the ground), or advance within 5 feet of someone casting Ward: Undead or Ward: Enchanted Beings.

Undead Caveat Change

add as last sentance to Undead Caveat:
A PC will remember what happened to them while they were undead.

Replace Spell Failure Caveat

Some spells fail to work if there are weapons within a certain proximity. If a spell fails due to weapon proximity, the casting is lost

Change To:
Some spells have fail conditions in their description. Any spell that fails due to its fail condition expends the casting of that spell.

Active component changes: Circle Spells

Add the following to the first paragraph under Circles Caveat:
Only one spell may be cast with a particular rope at a given time, although after the spell ends, a different spell may be cast with the rope.

Change active component on the following circle spells:
Circle of Healing, Circle of Protection, Mystic Forge, Group Healing

Change To:
Touch the rope

Additionally remove the redundant information from the spell descriptions.

Armored Clock active component change, and small tweaks

In the active component remove text:
to cast or recharge

Middle of spell description remove text:
In order to recharge, the wearer must lay flat on his back while reciting the verbal.

last sentence remove text:
of recharged

Correcting wording on Silver Strike

change spell description to:
This spell gives the spellcaster the ability to temporarily silver a weapon. After preparing it with the spell, the spellcaster must call “Silver” the next time he swings that weapon. See the Combat Calls and Weapon Call Spells Caveats.

Create Magic Weapon: Variable weapon design

remove the following text:
When learning this spell, the spellcaster must draw a sketch of the weapon he wishes to create in his spellbook. The spellcaster may learn a different shape or length of weapon to create, but he must unlearn and then relearn the spell to do so.

Familiar Change

remove the following point options:
Resist Magic (2 pts.) – 1 use
Ward: Enchanted Beings (3 pts.) – 5 uses
Regeneration (3 pts.) – 1 use

add the following point options:
Raise Dead (1 pts.) – 1 use

Heal Limb rewrite

new spell description:

Heal Limb (Healer 2)
Uses: Unlimited – Verbal: 20 words – Active: Spellcaster must be stationary, must touch the target limb.

This spell allows the spellcaster to heal one damaged limb at a time. The spellcaster must recite the VC while touching the recipient’s injured limb. The spellcaster cannot move his feet while casting this spell, although he may be moving his arms and such (e.g., parrying, so long as he doesn’t take a step).

Transformation Nerf

Proposal Wording:
Increase uses of the spell ‘Transformation’ to 2.

Remove the 4th paragraph of the spell ‘Transformation’ which reads:
Spellcasters under the effects of the Transformation spell can be the target of a spell, but the enchantments do not carry over if the spellcaster reverts to his common form. Likewise, if the spellcaster is enchanted and then uses the Transformation spell, the enchantments do not carry over to the altered form, but will resume after the
shaman reverts to his common form.

Replace it with the following:
Any potions or other spells with a lingering effect cast by the spellcaster are suspended when he transforms. It is the spellcaster’s responsibility to notify anyone else effected by this (such as any players carrying potions the he created) before he transforms. Suspended spells will resume functioning when the spellcaster reverts to his common form.

Move Cry of Life to Healer 7

Change To:
Cry of Life (Healer 7)

Regeneration power boost

Add to Shaman (6) regeneration:
Learning this spell a second time will give you the additional two usages of this spell. In addition, if you have learned this twice you may have a Raise Dead (only the healer spell Raise Dead, no other raising effects allowed) can ‘re charge’ one usage. These Raise Dead spells cannot come from Circle of Healing.

Transformation Armor change

Armor Options:
● Natural Armor: 1 point for a single point of body armor. It covers every hit location. Up to 1 point of armor may be purchased. Cannot be used in conjunction with Regenerating Armor.
● Regenerating Armor: 3 points for a single point of body armor. Up to 1 point of armor may be purchased. The spellcaster must lie on his back without attacking. Once so positioned, the altered form’s armor regenerates 1 point for every 10 seconds the spellcaster remains still (repairing every hit location once would take 70 seconds). The spellcaster cannot choose to regenerate only one area to full, then go back to combat, but must take the time to repair all the armor damaged before resuming combat. Cannot be used in conjunction with Natural Armor.
● Both forms of armor may be repaired by casting Repair Item (repairs all locations)

Undead Soldier Armor change

1 pt. of armor (max 1 pt.)

Regenerating Armor
2 pts. armor (max 1 pt.)

● Armor can be repaired though use of one Repair Item spell for all locations
● An undead soldier may not have more than 1 point of armor, and may not combine regenerating armor and normal armor.

You can see Magic Missile and Lightning Bolt

You can see Magic Missile and Lightning Bolt:

Lightning Bolt

The prop is a physical representation of the magic. After it comes to rest, it cannot be affected or moved by anyone other than the spellcaster, but it may still be seen or guarded by anybody.

Magic Missile

The prop is a physical representation of the magic. After it comes to rest, it cannot be affected or moved by anyone other than the spellcaster, but it may still be seen or guarded by anybody.

Additionally, under “combat spells” Change the following:

Certain combat calls (see Lightning Bolt and Magic Missile in Combat Calls) involve a prop that is thrown at a combatant. After the prop has come to rest it is only a physical representation of magic, and cannot be moved or touched other than by the person who threw it. It may be seen and guarded, but not purposefully hidden (e.g. putting a bucket over)

Add new Pool Spell: Implement

Implement (Pool)
Material: Non-weapon, combat-safe Staff (between 4’ and 6’ long, inclusive,) Wand (between 12” and 18” long, inclusive,) or Orb (at least 4” in diameter).

The caster is able to create a staff, wand or orb (hereafter called “implement”) that enhances their own casting. Each time the spellcaster learns the spell, they gain 1 point into a pool from which they may purchase special abilities from the following choices below. At the magic check-in of an event, the caster may choose how the points in their pool are spent. An implement may not have more than 5
points spent into it.

Unless otherwise state, abilities gained that augment or alter spells require that the caster already knows the spell, otherwise there is no effect. In order to use the gained ability, the caster must be holding the implement in one hand.

If a weapon hits an implement, the implement is “broken” and may not be used until fixed. The caster can fix a broken implement by holding the implement with two hands, then counting to 200.

Gain 1 additional casting of one of the following spells for 1 point each: Find the Path, Fortune Tell, Guidance, Precognition, Skew Divination, Raise Dead, Deep Pockets, Enfeeble Being, Create Zombie, Beckon Corpse, Zombie Send, Disenchant, Disrupt.

Gain the following abilities for 1 point each:
● The active component for armored cloak is changed to “Kneel on one knee while holding the implement with both hands to cast or recharge”.
● The active component for protection from magic missile is changed to “Kneel on one knee while holding the implement with both hands”.
● When using a circle spell you may double the length of the rope. This may only be done once.

Gain 1 additional casting of one of the following spells for 2 points each: Call the Soul, Group Healing, Resist Magic, Create Undead, Soul Bane

Gain the following abilities for 2 points each:
● The active component for death watch is changed to “Spellcaster must kneel on one knee holding the orb with both hands for 60 seconds before being killed”. The requirement of recasting the spell has been removed.
● The uses for speak becomes unlimited.
● Gain 1 point to spend on your familiar. This ability may not be taken more than once.
● Gain 1 point to spend on your create undead soldier. This ability may not be taken more than once.

Gain 1 additional casting of one of the following spells for 3 points each: Vision, Séance

Gain the following abilities for 3 points each:
● Gain one use of Regeneration. You are not required to know the spell to use this ability.
● Gain one use of Regeneration. Upon completion, the spellcaster will be raised as a free-willed undead. You are not required to know the spell to use this ability.
● Gain one additional magic missile prop.

This spell cannot be used with Staff/Wand/Orb.

Event Holders Council Change

Any Event Holder holding a “legal” event between January 1st and December 31st (inclusive) of the previous year and has attended at least 6 events including his own, shall be eligible to vote.

Change To:
Any Event Holder who throws and attends their “legal” event between January 1st and December 31st (inclusive) of the previous year and has attended at least 6 events including his own, shall be eligible to attend and vote at the Event Holders Council meeting.

If an Event Holder cannot or does not attend their own event due to real life emergencies, extenuating circumstances, etcetera, they may still sit on the council but their eligibility to vote (and back magic items) will be reviewed by the remaining EHC members [who can vote] to determine eligibility on a case by case basis.

Any EH that is determined to not be eligible to vote immediately: loses the privilege to vote and back magic items. This penalty remains in effect until the next time they throw a “legal” event. They may however still attend the meeting and provide verbal feedback in the forum. Eligibility of any EH that did not attend their own event will be determined at the beginning of the EHC regardless if they wish to attend.

Limit number of EHs that can be listed on an event

Rules for a Legal Event

Add the following bullet at the end of the other bullets in this section:

● An Event can only have one EH per event day.

Part III re-write / re-name

This did not change any rules, however it did re-organize the entire Part III: Being a Realms EH. Please see for the actual wording.

Change blue duct tape to blue blade for weapons

Under Weapon Construction, change:
Only magic weapons should be made with blue duct tape, and you may only make a magic weapon through the use of spells in the magic system, or if you are an EH.

Change To:
Only magic weapons should be made with a blue-colored striking surface, and you may only make a magic weapon through the use of spells in the magic system, or if you are an EH.

Magic items must include the items name on it:

All magic items, including weapons, must have the responsible EH’s name, the date it was released and the words ‘Magic’ and ‘Stealable’ written on them.

Change To:
All magic items, including weapons, must have the items name or an accompanying tag, the responsible EH’s name, the date it was released and the words ‘Magic’ and ‘Stealable’ written on them.

Repairing Magic Items

All magic weapons that are currently in existence may not be re-bladed without the use of a Repair Magic Item spell. When the foam in one breaks down, it is retired or repaired. Magic weapons may never be re-foamed without the use of a Repair Magic Item spell.

Magic weapons that are currently in existence may be re-bladed without the use of a Repair Magic Item spell, to repair safety issues, by first contacting and gaining permission from the issuing EH.

Allow EHs to call emergency EHC meetings

The Event Holder Council’s

After the last paragraph add:

Any serious issue(s), may be brought to the attention of the Event Holder List. If at least 50% of the EHs agree that a personal meeting is required to discuss the issue(s), an emergency EH meeting can be called. This meeting must be attended by at least 50% of legal event holders and meet the restrictions of a legal event for planning purposes (i.e. at least two week notice). The person calling for the meeting will work with the organizers of the upcoming Players Meeting and Event Holders Council. Meetings of this nature will not have the ability to make changes to the Omnibus.

This is subject to change but currently the wording is:

For the 2013 season only, all characters who were in existence (first attended an event) before 
February 2nd, 2013 are allowed to have up to 18 spells, making a legal build following the rules of the 
current Omnibus. At the first event that their PC attends in the 2013 season where the Omnibus is 
available, they must get their spellbook checked in and signed by the Event Holder or his designated 
Magic Marshal.

All spells after grandfathering will be added to the spellcaster’s “Spell Mastery” section, in addition 
to the list they had before grandfathering (if any).

Elected Positions:

Next Years Meeting Organizers – Jason & Angela Gray

Event List Administrator – Ian Pushee

Magic Item List Administrator – Neil Tozier

Death Marshall – Jason Gray

Please remember that rule changes do not go into effect until the first event that the Omnibus is printed and available at.

Spell Paths
First Circle Pool
1 Cure Disease Identify Creature Repair Armor
1 Detect Magic Immunity to Poison Silver Strike
1 Disrupt Light Light Speak
1 Heartiness Pas Speak with Dead
1 Identify Protect Item Zombie Walk
1   Implement  
  Healer Channeler Alchemist
2 Heal Limb
Group Healing
Ward: Undead Potion of Armor Repair
3 Raise Dead Protect the Soul Potion of Heal Limb
4 Call the Soul Call the Soul
Divine Aid
Potion of Combat Raise Dead
Potion of Create Zombie
5 Combat Raise Dead Circle of Protection Create Poison
6 Circle of Healing Ward: Enchanted Beings Create Potion
7 Seed of Life
Cry of Life
Intervention Power Potion
  Sorceror Necromaner Seer
2 Enchant Weapon
Prot. Magic Missile
Heal Undead Limb
Zombie Send
3 Cantrip Create Zombie
Disease Weapon
Fortune Tell
4 Armored Cloak Beckon Corpse Precognition
5 Magic Missile Create Undead
Death Wish
Find the Path
6 Familiar Create Undead Soldier Vision
7 Lightning Bolt Embrace Death Prophecy
Second Chance
  Blacksmith Abjurer Assassin
2 Repair Item Prot. Magic Missile Deep Pockets
3 Enchant Armor Disenchant Feign Death
Soul Bane
4 Ghost Blade
Mystic Forge
Enfeeble Being Eviscerate
Skew Divination
5 Repair Magic Item Disrupt Poison Weapon
6 Silver Weapon Resist Magic Armor-Piercing Weapon
7 Create Magic Weapon
Enchant Bracer
Ritual of Banishment Assassin’s Blade
  Shaman   Protection
2 Death Watch   Protection from Boulder
3 Commune with Spirit   Protection from Missile Weapon
4 Purity:Disease
  Protection from Melee Weapon
5 Animal Companion
Transmute Self
  Protection from Magic
6 Regeneration   Regenerate the Scalp
7 Transformation   Resist Death