Saving Money Quest: Light bulbs

Last year was a hard year for my employer. As a result it was a hard year for my wife and I also, as I lost 16 hours a week. While I quickly found a part time job to cover some of the lost wages it meant tightening the proverbial belt a little and reducing our expenses. So I’ve tried my best to reduce my bills doing things like: downsizing my Cable package and getting rid of the house phone; clipping coupons; signing up for a cash back credit card; doing some comparison shopping; etc. I’ve also kept my eyes open for and actively looking for bargains and today I found something worth sharing with everyone.

It seems that some electric company’s give rebates for updating your house or work with more energy efficient devices and lights. If you live in NH you should really take a look at:


Now while the LED light blubs are still very pricey the cost of the squiggly bulbs is incredible. Especially check out the prices on the TCP 14w SpringLamp and the 19w and 23w SpringLights.

If you don’t live in NH you should check out your local power provider they chances are they have an energy saving programs or rebates.

UPDATE TO: My experiences with Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit and XBMC v11.0 Eden Beta 3

Today after I got home from work I immediately sat down to work on my HTPC box again. Why because I’m stubborn thats why. So I just into Unity 2d open a terminal and out of habit more then anything I ran:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Would you look at that XBMC v11.0 Eden RC1! So I fired up the new XBMC and immediately start a 1080p video and its seemless. Seems that maybe I was wrong and it wasn’t Unity after all.

Now to remove my video source and re-add it. /crosses fingers

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Realms: EHC 2011 rules changes

The 2011 EHC has come and gone. Here are some of the highlights. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please head to for a complete list.

Your official officers of the game are as follows.
Death Marshal: Jason Grey
Keeper of the List of Realms Magic Items: Neil Tozier
Event List Administrator: Ian Pushee
Players’ Meeting and Event Holders’ Council Organizers: Angela and Jason Grey
Omnibus Editorial Committee: Jay Bonci, Dave Hayden, Jake Valeri

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XBMC on Ubuntu: my ramblings and fix for video playback stuttering

Several weeks ago I decided to revisit creating a HTPC box. For those not familiar with the term, and because of the rampant over usage of acronyms in the IT industry, HTPC stands for Home Theatre PC. In theory this is a computer that resides in or near your TV that hooks up to your TV that you can use to store multimedia files (Movies, TV Shows, Music), and play them on your TV (or surround sound system). Additionally some HTPCs also have TV Tuners, and function like a cable box, DVR/PVR.

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NEW SPELL: Oath of Peace (Healer 7)

Oath of Peace (Healer 7)

Uses: 1 – Verbal: 60 words – Material: A white sash with the
spellcaster’s name and the words “Oath of Peace” on it.

This spell puts the spellcaster into a state of pacifism. While in
the state of pacifism they may not wield any weapons and any hit that
successfully damages the spellcaster kills them instead. Additionally
when casting the Raise Dead spell the spellcaster may instead use the
verbal and active components, and description of the Combat Raise Dead
spell. If the sash is disenchanted the spell ends immediately.

UPDATE: How Characters are Scalped

Under the section: “How Characters are Scalped”


The act of scalping is done to simulate the mutilation of a corpse to
the point where it cannot be revived by normal Raise Dead spells. In
order to scalp a body, you must strike 200 blows on the ground beside
the body of the character being scalped. More than one person may
scalp a body at a time. More than one weapon may be used to scalp a
body as well. This effectively divides the number of blows to be
struck between the number of participants and number of weapons used.
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