Google wins again

A few years ago I went on a rant about how I hated certain web sites that google search returns when I am looking for an answer to an IT issue. Or should I say a type of site, that lets you see that someone else has had the same problem that you are having but unless you pay them you cannot see what other people answered. One such site that always seems to come up in my IT searches is Usually I try to link sites when I talk about them, especially if I feel that they do good work, but I will not link them. I have seriously lost track of how many time I have landed at their page. At the time of the aforementioned rant I usually ended it saying that search engines should have a blacklist that individuals could manage to tailor their search results better.

Yesterday, Google announced that they finally implemented this. Thank you Google, never again shall I end up at several sites while looking for an answer to an IT problem.