class revamp

    So after sort of joking around the other day about getting rid of 1path and 2paths I started thinking about the idea a little more. This isn’t very verbose, but I was thinking about this and was wondering what other people thought about the idea. It would in essence remove 1paths and 2paths from the game, and streamline things a little I think. It would certainly change the way we look at the divisions between fighter and caster. Essentially it would introduce three archetypes or classes to the rules. They would be as follows.

WOW: Darque attains Level 85

Today 12/09/2010 Darque Guildleader of Elder Tribunal on Bloodhoof-US attained the lofty goal of level 85!

Let the grind for gear commence.

(note: I wrote down the time but since I am actually posting this much later I seem to have lost the piece of paper. I’m posting the date based on the achievement, which has the date not the time stamp. Also I cannot seem to go back that far on the rss activity feed either.)

WOW: Cataclysm Launch night

And so it begins right? I purchased my digital download and downloaded it. I was all set for launch. I went to bed early that night with the intent of waking up when I woke up and playing some WOW.

Strangely I awoke at 3:30am and decided that since I’m awake I should go get a jump on leveling. Maybe I can be the first to max level in my guild again. Having missed the Server First last expansion by a couple hours maybe I should try again. On second thought, with how badly they broke Retribution no thank you.

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