ebay: best product question ever

Started selling some stuff on ebay again. I let stuff pile up and its time for some of it to find new homes or hit the circular file. One of the things that has always been a source of frustration on ebay auctions is some times answering the inane questions asked by people. Well today I got the best question of all time… (partially because its not a question, but rather a statement).

Dear themaninblack,

Johnny Cash is alive and selling RAM!! Cool....

- v.silly

Thank you that was awesome!

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gmail fail

Now this is too funny:

Secure Connection Failed

mail.google.com uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate will not be valid until 3/25/2009 12:49 PM.

(Error code: sec_error_expired_certificate)

The best part about this is that when your system clock gets reset to factory default it screws SSL certs to hell.<

wetware incoming

There is an article over on Slashdot that caught my attention today, about robots being controlled by the human brain. Cybernetics have always intrigued me from Gibson to Cyberpunk 2013 (1988) to War Games (1983) to “ghost in the machine” to the well known Matrix Trilogy. All of these have have pieces or parts of what I visualize our future to encompass and the scary realities that implies.

Do you want to know more?

SOURCE: Slashdot: Hardware: Robot Controlled By Human Brain Cells

Realms: EH Benefits?

title:Rules for a legal event
section: Part III: Being a realms EH
subsection: Rules for a legal event


original text:

An EH’s character may not benefit in any way from his event. His PC may not take possession for more than one day any stealable item released at his event, and he may not receive spell credit as a result of attending his own event.

proposed change:

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Realms: What is an Event Holder?

title:What is an Event Holder?
section: Under Part III: Being a realms EH
subsection: What is an Event Holder?

rationale: This changes the section name to the same as it is in the index. It also it removes the redundancy on where an event had been advertised since it is also in the “Rules for a legal event” section which is immediately following. It also removes that an EH can be appointed by a valid EH to act in their stead, which within the rules is not defined and transfers no benefit.

original text:

Part III: Being a realms EH

What is an Event Holder?
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Realms: clean up for: Rules for a legal event

title: clean up the rules for a legal event
section: Part III: Being a realms EH
subsection: Rules for a legal event

rationale: no one sends out “mailings to all EHs who held an event in the past year. the sheer work it would take is ludicrous. That option should be removed from the rules. This change also removes Creathorne Chronicles as an advertisement option. Additionally, this combines two bullets into one, and removed some redundancy that we introduced with a change last year.

original text:

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Roller Derby Action!


The first bout NERDs (New England Roller Derby) vs Garden State Roller Derby! Final score 117 to 89 Go NERDS!

In the second bout the Nut Crackers vs the Cosmos! Final score 109 to 96 Go Nuts!