I am distracted today. Last night Dogman (our neighbor) yelled obscenities out the window at my wife because she was cleaning the snow off her car. Sure she used a shovel to push the snow off her car, and shoveled the section between the cars afterwards. But did she really deserve for you to yell at her again? The last time you yelled at her because you had someone parking in her spot who wasn’t a tenant and I blew the horn. Read your lease, parking is for tenants only. You don’t own a shovel. You refuse to help pay the snow plow.

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New Hardware

I just got a new motherboard, the Asus Crosshair. I decked it out with a shiny new AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 6000+, and 2 Gigs of GSKill DDR2 800. Imagine my surprise when after installing all the hardware the Windows XP Pro installer continuously crashes with a few % left on the install. Not once or twice, but four times in a row. Talk about frustrating!

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